Saturday, February 13, 2016

Lucky 13

1) I watched the US Marathon Trials today. It's the first sporting event that I've ever made an effort to actually watch (and boy oh boy did I know a lot about it going in! An embarrassing amount, actually). I'm happy to report that I correctly guessed the top 3 for both men and women! It was absolutely amazing to watch and I definitely got choked up watching the finish of the women's race. It embodied everything I love about running--the camaraderie, the encouragement towards other runners while also running your own race, and the sheer supportiveness of the running community as Amy Cragg literally caught Shalane Flanagan as Flanagan crumpled to the street after crossing the finish line. Just beautiful and I definitely got choked up.

2) I ran today. It was not particularly fun (my right ankle is giving me lots of problems thanks to the tendonitis developed by the walking cast), but I did it and that's the first time I've been able to run 5 times in a week in months. I'm creeping back.

3) Clean sheets on my bed tonight--always one of my favorite things. I love that super-crisp feeling. Maybe I need to start changing my sheets more than once a week. :-)

4) I spent about 3 hours working on my summer-term website last night. It's something I've really been dreading doing and I'm glad to have a good chunk of it done.

5) Packed up skiing stuff today for our trip. It takes forever (tracking down every single piece of winter paraphenalia for 7 people, ugh!) and it's another thing I've been dreading, but now it's crossed off my to-do list and everything is neatly bagged and ready to go.

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