Friday, February 12, 2016


above from a few weeks back: my happy little Instant Pot cooking up yogurt and a batch of freezer jam cooling 
on the counter

The last week has reminded me why I started Five for February all those years back: 
February is just a really hard month and man oh man do I have to work to find the bright 
side! I think I've had four days in a row this week where I think, "There is NOTHING 
good from today--what am I possibly going to write about?!" But then somehow I find 
something. So here goes for today. Also, I do not know WHAT is up with the formatting,
but there is something Blogger is upset about today.

1) My car got a flat tire today--the kind where you have to buy a new tire, not just
 patch the flat. Also, it was freezing so very freezing cold and awful weather to change
 a tire. BUT. Neil was with me (we'd met for a Valentine's lunch) and it was the tire that 
he'd told me yesterday we needed to replace sometime this week, and the place we were
 having lunch was less than two miles from the place where we always buy our tires. So
 instead of making a special trip to the tire store this week and/or changing a flat by myself
 in the freezing cold, I sat in a warm heated room listening to Neil explain to Luke and
 Nathan every step of what the tire guys were doing (our car was in the bay closest to 
the window--how nice is that?!).

2) Neil has been pulling a ton of 2-am nights lately, so I told him to just work whatever he
 needs to this weekend and not worry about coming home for dinner and then going back. I've
 also been feeling pretty crummy lately (the cold that never leaves, despite all my Neti-potting!) and so today there was no pressure to cook a decent dinner for my husband--the kids and I
 picked up some pizzas and then ate them in the car while we went through the car wash,
which (the car wash) is the epitome of excitement in their lives and something they are always begging to do. They were in heaven. 

3) My seven miles today felt slow and miserable and awful. I was just really fatigued,
my legs felt heavy and leaden, and I had a big knot of anxiety in my chest that would.
not. go. away. It was not a fun run. But as one of my running buddies reminded me, heavy
 legs are better than stress fractured legs, and seven miles is better than no miles. I'm

4) I had a really sweet moment this morning with one of my children's teachers that
reminded me how lucky we are to have her in our lives. So grateful. Then I ran into two
 more teachers who have been wonderful for my children and I just thought that we are
 so blessed in our schools and where we have lived during our children's formative years
 and the people who have helped us to shape them.

5) Remember when my sister sent me a super-sweet care package yesterday? The rest
 arrived today. I'm so blessed in my family relationships. Not that gifts = love, but it's
 just so good to have that bond. I'm grateful for our phone calls and family texts and
constant encouragement. I know there are many families who don't have this network
and I feel blessed beyond measure to have it in mine. I had something pretty rough to
deal with a month or so back and my parents & sisters were absolute rocks for me,
and I am so darn grateful for them. 

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