Thursday, March 31, 2016

Life lately

I love that image at the top of the post because it looks so serene! This was after the kids went back to school from spring break and my house returned to its quiet daytime self (which is very very different from its after-school self...).

And my house is so quiet right now because the three older kids are at school and the two younger boys are at a playdate. Normally during these playdates I go for a long run, but I have a race Saturday so no run for me today--just yoga. I spent the last hour doing a lot of work-related stuff so I'm giving myself a few minutes of blogging before I start on the next task. (Oh, it feels good to be able to whip through things like crazy without any kiddo distractions!)

We had a nice slow-paced spring break...we stayed here and were pretty low-key. Nathan, Luke, and I all had a nasty cold towards the end of the week, so we had lots of pajama/Lego/books time. It was so nice after the hectic pace that we usually keep, even though I did a lot of daydreaming prior to spring break about just escaping somewhere warm for a week! (But after Nathan started throwing up I was sure glad we were home...poor kid always throws up when he gets a cold since the mucus triggers his crazy-active gag reflex).


Aren't these boys absolutely delightful? I took this on Sunday right when we got home (the girls had already changed, but Abigail kindly offered to get dressed in her church clothes again if I really wanted a picture! I told her I'd take one of her next week and that she was so thoughtful to offer!).

We made a lot of treats over the break--Jules made chocolate cupcakes one day when the boys had friends over, the little boys made oatmeal-raisin cookies another day, and Isaac and I made a stellar chocolate cream pie at some point. Pretty much somebody was always baking up something tasty. :-)

We also hosted Abigail's class pet (you guys I do NOT LIKE RATS). I said we could play host on two conditions 1) I never had to touch it and 2) it could only be held when Neil was home. The kids agreed and Abigail did a great job keeping it fed, watered, and cleaning out its cage. I did not touch it once. :-) (But I still knew it was there with its creepy rat tail. I was SOOOO happy to wave goodbye!)

Rat maze with the Magnatiles...I made them Clorox-wipe everything afterwards!

This guy is so sweet. Whenever we go to the grocery store together he does his best to be an awesome helper--he scans, bags, and then carries the groceries in when we get home. I love him so much!

My parents and my sister Mary Beth came down over the Easter weekend, just for one night each. I took this photo of Luke & Isaac waiting patiently for their beloved grandparents to arrive on Friday morning--they were SO thrilled and honestly spent most of the morning hanging out by this window hopefully. :-)

Their visits overlapped on Saturday afternoon and we had our big Easter dinner then! It was so nice to see them all and such a treat to have them here. I didn't get any photos with my parents (although I need to check our family photo drop and see what they put on there), but I did get this one of Mary Beth making chocolate-dipped strawberries with the boys on Saturday night. Not sure where the girls were...

We've had some really good news lately--nothing concrete--but good news in the offing, and Neil and I have spent a lot of time daydreaming and planning and hoping. It's pretty good around here right now. Our long run on Saturday was idyllic--we ran out west of town into the farmland and just had the best heart-to-heart about our plans and our family and our future. Good stuff.

And speaking of good stuff, how adorable are these two? Their animosity has melted over the last year and they have become the best of dear friends. Such an answer to many many many heartfelt prayers!

A few more spring break pics--one day we went on an adventure outing and Abigail packed our lunch. :-) Everyone was thrilled with this!

And another day Jules and I went on a run/bike date...6 miles of crazy wind and hills but she pedaled on valiantly and kept me running hard! So fun to chat with her and get one-on-one time to let her just talk talk talk about all the things that are near and dear to her heart. We took a sweaty selfie to commemorate our lovely time together.

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