Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Thankful for dear friends

Hurray! I've updated my last blog post with some new photos (this is one of my favorites--a huge thanks, Melanie, for texting them to me!)

Looking at this photo makes me so grateful for good friends. Can you see from that smile just radiating out of my face how crazy happy I was that day? Oh man, some things about grad school are totally awful--I have cried my eyes out SO many times about all the good friends who I love to pieces who have moved away, and in many ways the last two years I've just shut down and stopped trying to make new friends--but I am so, so, so grateful for all the women I love so much who have been sisters of my heart during these long and lonely years. I wish I could gather them all around me right now, but I'm sure grateful for the years I've had them so close and the opportunity that I still have, thanks to the wonders of technology, to still keep in touch. (But what I wouldn't give to have my original date-night swap back, and my visiting teaching companion of 8 years, and my "enrich and renew" buddies, and my 3 fabulous running partners, and my playgroup ladies, and all the friends from our early years that I miss SOOOO much!)

It's darn hard being the only one still here--but at least we've got friends all over the country!!

and another one of my favorites from Melanie...do you like how we're on the same stripes-and-green-scarf wavelength?! Haha! I like how it looks like we sort of coordinated clothes for everyone and visually balanced our poses in this picture while in reality we had to haul half the kids back down the stairs and promise them that we would be SUPER fast and only take one photo, Nathan was completely sodden (see his shirt drying out on our stroller?) and Luke & Emma were two seconds from slumber/meltdown? Oh, good times!!

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