Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Bullet point brain dump

Things I'm thinking about:

  • We finally made the decision on where our children are going to school next year. This has been a huge long involved process and the upshot is that we will have 4 kids at 3 different schools next year. It feels a little crazy to me but I am confident that this will be best for all of the children and their unique needs. I'm so grateful for the amazing teachers that we have here and the great educational options!
  • On that note, Isaac is in the 2/3 high-ability class (just got the letter today although the program director called to let me know last week, since she knew we were debating schools), Juliet will stay in the 4/5 high-ability class but move to a new school, and Abigail will be in the advanced track in middle school. I never thought that we would even be here long enough for Abigail to start kindergarten, but boy am I grateful for those high-ability classrooms and the difference they have made in our children's lives. Also MIDDLE SCHOOL. (!!!!)
  • We went to the art museum tonight for Activity Days (our church youth group for 8-11 yr-old girls). It was so neat watching the girls' eyes light up and hearing their questions and comments on the pieces on display. Many of the pieces were by local high school students--have I mentioned lately what a great little community this is? (I've been thinking a lot about it lately since there's a good chance we might be here post-graduation. We'll see.)
  • Neil and I renewed our passports last week (he's going somewhere soon; I'm not, but we figured we might as well do both at once). But it was exciting to think about the stamps that will hopefully fill my passport in the next ten years!
  • I'm running more slowly with this pregnancy than with the last two (that darn leg is still achy if I go too fast) but I'm running MORE. During the last 2 by this point I was coming off of bedrest (placenta previa with Luke; ovarian cysts with Nathan) and only able to tolerate 4 miles 3x/week. This week I've run 3/3 days so far (7 Monday, 5 Tuesday, 5 today) and I'm planning to get in another 15 or so miles over the weekend with my Friday and Saturday runs. That's really exciting to me. I don't know how long I'll be able to keep it up, but I love that I'm able to retain a little more of that fitness just a bit longer! So far, anyway. :-)
  • I'm really enjoying the stages that 4/5 of my kids are in right now. I'd say that's a winner. :-) And I know the other one will grow out of it probably just in time for someone else to be the one that's really driving me nuts. But good golly, four out of five being delightful right now? Life is good. 

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