Monday, June 27, 2016

Pregnancy update: 27 weeks

Well, I'm finally far enough along in my pregnancy that I actually REMEMBER I'm pregnant. Mostly when Nathan kicks me in the stomach at the pool.

The photo above is a week old, at 26 weeks; the photo below was from this afternoon. 10 miles, baby! Still running. :-)

I'm logging 30+ miles a week which is pretty respectable even without pregnancy, so I'm pretty darn pleased to still be running at this intensity/distance right now (although man oh man it is hard to motivate myself some days...instead of a normal training cycle where I'm going faster and farther toward a goal, I'm going progressively slower and shorter). I keep telling myself that it will all be worth it when I'm able to shorten my recovery and maybe even fit in a couple of fall races...we'll see how the postpartum stuff goes, but I've got 3 races that I'm eyeing depending on the level of fitness I'm able to maintain. I was pretty excited to see that 10-mile mark today; I've mostly been running 7ish miles a day but today the kids were really occupied with some new Legos so I decided to give it a few extra miles. (Unfortunately, it is WAY too hot and humid to run alone outside safely, since I tend to get dizzy pretty easily later on in pregnancy, so it's the treadmill for me until it cools off again.) Yoga a couple of times a week and we bought pool passes this summer, which is pretty heavenly post-run!

I do not love being pregnant (it's just not a time when I feel confident about my body and I've had some pretty bizarre pregnancy issues), and I especially do not love being pregnant in the summer. I'm having lots of issues with swelling in my right leg, which has been problematic ever since I had surgery when I was pregnant with Isaac. As luck would have it, that's also the leg that I fractured during marathon training last fall (and then ran that darn marathon on the fracture!), so things are generally pretty painful on that side. I'm also having quite a bit of cramping on that right side, likely because that is the ligament that herniated and required surgery, and it has hurt quite a bit in subsequent pregnancies. And thanks to all my running clothes rubbing me in different places than they normally do (thanks a lot, changing body!), my normal chafing scars are getting a break and I've got 4 new areas on my body that are either perpetually bloody or oozing. It's super attractive and I hear all the cool kids are doing it these days.

On the bright side, this is the first pregnancy since 2007 where I have not spent part of it on bedrest! Yeah! I'm running 2.5x more/week than I ever have before and generally feeling much better overall, which was a fun surprise--I thought for sure being pregnant at 32 (33 next month!) was going to be harder than 29, especially since I literally felt like my body was going to fall apart when I was pregnant with Nathan. I think the extra couple of years in between babies REALLY helped a ton, as did all of the training I did for the 2 full marathons and 4 half marathons I ran after Nathan was born. Generally, my body is feeling stronger and more resilient than it did a few years ago, which is nice the 6th time around! I remember crying to Neil when I was pregnant with Nathan that I really wanted one more baby but I honestly did not think my body could do it. So far, so I'm just praying that my brain holds it together afterwards. And that this baby is a reaaaallly good sleeper, eats well, and doesn't have any crazy medical issues. Basically I'd just like a Luke repeat. :-)

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