Sunday, September 11, 2016

August/September photos

Taking some photos from Instagram to create more of a record for my blog...sorry they're recycled but that's the amount of time I have these days! (And I only have time to blog right now because my kids are on antibiotics for pinkeye, so we came home early from church as soon as sacrament meeting was over to avoid passing on contagion to all the Primary kids!)

My adorable little bunch before church this morning. Aren't they so sweet? Confession: I bribed them all with a piece of saltwater taffy each to smile. It took about 10 seconds to get 5 good photos as opposed to the 15 minutes of cajoling it would have taken otherwise. Oh well.

Note that everyone's hair is done--that's a miracle!!! 100% due to the fact that I had a 9 am meeting at church this morning so I had some extra time afterwards to do everyone's hair instead of putting off getting ready until the last minute...

Some pregnancy updates. 38 weeks before church today...

37 weeks after my 8-miler last Monday...

...and 34 weeks a month back.

Also--swelling is super super super bad. This photo is maybe a month old? Nerve pain is getting really bad too. In general I'm just super uncomfortable. Florida was AMAZING because I was swimming so much that I slept all through the night most nights (I only woke up to go to the bathroom 2 of the 7 nights!). Most days my right foot looks like a balloon, then I run and it goes down briefly, then I stop running and it balloons right back up. Yesterday I left my running shoes on all day as an experiment and the swelling went from my ankle to my knee and was CRAZY I've decided that the foot is better. (But I'm really sick of not being able to flex my toes and having to completely relace my shoes before/during/after runs.) I have an appointment with my OB tomorrow and I'm anticipating that we will discuss an induction based on the swelling like we've done for the last 3...ever since I had surgery during Isaac's pregnancy it's just been crazy bad at the end. (And after one pressure ulcer on that leg I do not want to EVER EVER have one again, much as I dislike inductions--having a 6-inch open sore on my leg for months that's constantly weeping pus and blood is much worse.)

Moving on. :-)

Loved catching all the kids gathered around Neil as he was reading to the two littlest boys...his voices are just so good that they invariably grab everyone's attention!

One morning right before the kids went back to school, we got up bright & early and headed to the peach orchard. We picked over 70 lbs of peaches and then turned them into jam/canned peaches before Neil got home. The kids are the most amazing helpers these days!!

We watched the first season of the Great British Baking Show over the summer (one a was a highly anticipated event in our household!) and the kids got so into it! We've had lots of family baking adventures and Juliet made her own birthday cake. She was super excited!

A random dinner. I don't know why I took a picture of it other than the fact that it was really good. Also--I have probably eaten more watermelon this summer than in any other 3 summers of my entire life. It's one of the few things that I actually want to eat these days (really struggling with my appetite right now). 

The kids all started school and Nathan was so unhappy to see them go! Luke is in kindergarten for just 2 hours a day--that was the compromise that the school and I came to and I'm still not super thrilled about it. They are all at a new school this year and I love it for Juliet and Isaac and I'm horribly sad about it for Luke--I just really love the kindergarten and 1st-grade teachers at our old school, but it was pretty vital for Isaac & Jules that they switch. Isaac is in the high-ability 2/3 class, Jules in the high-ability 4/5 class, and Abigail has started middle school!!! (where they now only have 2 advanced-track classes...boy has that been an adjustment.)

When we were in Florida, Juliet and Isaac had TONS of homework--their teachers had prepared huge packets in advance and we did SO much before we left and then quite a bit while we were there. Abigail hardly had anything and it was stressing me out so much!!! Like I's been an adjustment. I can't remember if I mentioned this, but she started clarinet lessons over the summer in preparation for the school band, and she has been doing SO well! Her teacher is fabulous and has told Abigail repeatedly that she has a true gift for the clarinet, which definitely motivates her in practicing and performing. :-) (And from my perspective I'm totally blown away by how quickly she has mastered principles that (according to her teacher) take most students a year or two to learn. All that piano theory sure helps!) Isaac has also started piano lessons and he is totally loving it to the point where I have to kick him off the piano bench after 45 minutes because the girls are waiting to practice! He is seriously in heaven and it's pretty nice not to have to ever repeat my request that he go put in some practice time. :-)

A grocery-store visit with Nathan one day...he loves wearing stickers over his eyes and always has to exit the store like this (holding my hand and walking very slowly...but we take them off once we hit the parking lot!).

A game of Chubby Bunny one night for Family Home Evening. Neil was the hands-down winner and none of the rest of us even came close. I'm not really a big marshmallow fan so once I got to 4 I couldn't handle the taste anymore! We played Pie Face too and got our fill of sticky-faced fun...the kids sure loved it!

Abigail was super excited to get her own Chromebook this year! The middle school uses these pretty heavily in class but it's been interesting troubleshooting connectivity and issues like that (honestly seems like more of a pain than anything, but hopefully it will be smoother soon). 

 And Nathan saying goodbye to Neil one morning. It's been a pretty rocky adjustment for Nate having all his buddies gone all day...most days we go for a really long walk and count dump trucks. :-)

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