Sunday, September 04, 2016

Florida 2016, part 1

We just got back from a week in Florida with my parents and three of my sisters & their families. It was a pretty exciting trip--everything from an unplanned midweek move from one house to another (thanks to a cascade of events, culminating in a gas leak and black mold), a jellyfish sting for Juliet, and Hurricane Hermine!

Lots of photos and stories, but one of the things we brought back with us was a nasty little fever and I'm not feeling too hot, so for now I'm just going to chip away at the posting to come with one set of fairly self-contained photos from the nights before Hermine was due to make landfall. We'd been keeping an eye on the weather for a few days and stocking up on bottled water, and at various points throughout the day we would make our way to the beach to check on the tide and the sandbagging efforts. We walked down right before sunset to check it out again and this time I remembered to take a camera.

Double red flags--the second red flag had a swimmer with a line through him and when I mentioned to the kids what it meant Nathan misunderstood me and was sooo excited to see the "lions in the water so no swimming!"

This was our cute little beach for the second house--I loved it so much! A super close walk and just absolutely beautiful.

 These photos are from before dinner, I think?

Nathan & Isaac were the only ones who wanted to come with us this time--not sure where the other kids were, but it was fun having just the two boys along.

 The waves were starting to get pretty big!

 Later that night we went back for the sunset with all the kids, plus some cousins, aunts, and uncles. This shot is a little blurry, but I still love it! (L-R Mary Beth, Evelyn, Juliet, Luke, Nathan)

Can you spot Nathan booking it out onto the beach?

One of my very favorite photos from this trip--all 5 of my kids on a giant mound of sand, completely enraptured by the waves and the sunset.

But of course they didn't stay put long enough for me to zoom in...

The impending hurricane made for some really spectacular sunset photos.

Just short of 37 weeks! Like my pajamas? :-) Best part of this trip is that I spent 95% of the time either wearing pajamas or a swimsuit. Just how every pregnancy should end!

 Fortunately we were on the very outskirts of Hermine, so we just had very high surf, rip currents, heavy rain, and thunderstorms. Still enough to be kind of exciting (and bummed about missing several days of beach time!) but without any of the evacuations or damage that we had been worried about!

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