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Florida 2016, part 2: Beach Days

First of all, these posts probably aren't going to be particularly well organized, but I want to get them up before I have a baby!! So this is the last of my camera photos, then I need to go through all of the family photos on our texts and family photo dump. I actually didn't worry too much about documenting everything because I was having too much fun in the moment. :-)

The beach was awesome but kind of hit or miss this trip--thanks to the impending hurricane, there was a ton of June grass (aka seaweed), rip currents, and a couple of days where it was just flat-out closed. But we still loved our time with the waves and the sand!

Abigail spent quite awhile one day building a baby playplace for her little cousins Caleb and Pierce. She absolutely adores them both and told me that the time she spent with them was her favorite part of the trip.

Here's our sweet setup...boy were those chairs & umbrellas nice! It's so crazy hot there that once you dry off you really don't want to be in the sun very long...

Abigail, my mom, me, and Neil. They humored me when I wanted a photo. :-) (Please tell me I'm not the only one in the world who forgets I'm pregnant until I see a photo and then is kind of surprised all over again for a second there...)

Elise, baby Pierce, and my mom--I think this is just the moment when Pierce's darling little shoe got sucked right off his foot by an outgoing wave! Those waves were serious business--Nathan got knocked down 3 times in ankle-deep water.

Then he decided to retreat to the chairs where the Oreos were...

Ruth was such a trooper on this trip--she really didn't feel well at all after the first day and she was still so amazingly cheerful and involved. I think I came down (on our way home) with what she had and it completely flattened me!

Love this photo--so many people that I love! L-R Isaac, Neil (in the gray shirt out in the waves), Pierce, Elise, my dad, my mom, Luke, Mary Beth, Abigail, and Evelyn.

So we saw a couple of jellyfish washed up one morning. Pretty exciting! And it continued to be exciting right up until Elise, Mary Beth, my mom, and I were out swimming and then we heard Juliet shrieking and I KNEW it was a jellyfish--the poor girl had seen something floating in the water, assumed it was trash, and reached out to collect it and throw it away.

She was so incredibly brave and cooperative. The lifeguard mentioned the "traditional beach remedy"  of urinating on a jellyfish sting--which we had actually read up on beforehand (the literature is kind of mixed as to whether it really works or not), but Juliet was willing to try it and so Luke helped her out, the pain instantly diminished, and then she thanked him about a million times. (I am only sharing this story with permission!) It actually was really sweet in a weird sort of way. About 20 minutes later she was right back out in the ocean--that kid is pretty darn resilient.

And back to her boogie board!

The crazy waves were really exhausting (you literally could not have firm footing for more than a millisecond before it zipped out from under you with the current, and you had to be constantly swimming against it or you'd find yourself much farther down the beach than where you'd gone in). It was a killer workout but SO FUN. I especially loved the moment where I was out with my mom and she was getting frustrated with not being able to get out to where the big breakers were, and she just yelled this sort of ninja yell and dove right into an oncoming wave that was about 4 feet over her head. Elise and I were laughing and laughing and then Elise commented, "I always forget Mom's from California..."

One of my favorite things about this trip was hanging out with my mom when she was so relaxed and enjoying herself. I remember my first year at girls' camp being so surprised that my mom was doing all these pranks and realized for the first time that she was a really funny and witty person (when you're 12 you just think of your parents as your parents rather than individuals with personalities). I loved jumping waves, biking, and hanging out in the pool with my mom on this trip--seriously so great to both not be worried about the daily life things that are usually kind of weighing us down and to just hang out as friends. 

Paxton, Neil, and Jordan spent much longer out in the waves battling them together than the rest of us managed to do. Three Amigos style. :-)

And back on the beach...

My dad is seriously the best. Best grandfather, best dad, you name it. One night my parents watched all the kids and sent us out for dinner and we talked for quite awhile about how great my dad is and how grateful the sons-in-law are to have him as a role model. I've always felt that way about both my parents and I loved hearing my husband and brothers-in-law share how much they have learned about how to be a father and husband from watching my dad's example.

Lots of photos of Nathan since he spent a lot of the day asking me for Oreos. :-) I found a neat little stack of de-frostinged Oreos in my bag when we were packing up...like mother, like son.

Occasionally a really big wave would come in and deluge the babies--they didn't quite know what to do!

One of the bonuses of this part of Florida is all of the flyovers from Elgin Air Force Base. As you can imagine, all the boys in my family were really, really, really excited. Neil ran outside every time we heard one from inside the house, and he was pretty crushed when he woke up from a nap and we told him that the latest F-35 to fly over was SUPER low and had done a few side rolls right overhead...

I always loved the planes trailing messages when I was a kid so I was excited to point those out too. :-)

L-R Evelyn, Ruth, Elise, and Mary Beth. Our youngest sister Rosalind is having her own adventure living in Hong Kong for a year--we sure missed them!!

Digging some trenches to the sea to refill the babies' puddle...

Mary Beth watching my crazy kiddos take on the waves while Nathan observes from a safe distance

Luke--oh my goodness, this child. He loves nothing more than getting smashed flat by a "really big one."

Hanging out with Mary Beth while we keep a close eye on the kids in the surf. Can you tell by my hair that I'd been smashed flat by quite a few waves myself? :-)

And to take us out, Neil demonstrating the best beach activity there is. :-)

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