Sunday, November 27, 2016

New floors + a few daily life photos

Over the last few weeks, virtually all our spare time has gone to ripping out linoleum/carpet to install new flooring, preparatory to (someday) selling our house. It's been a pretty monumental project and I am sooo happy it's 90% done! Just a few more transition strips to go and then it's all done.

First of all, I had NO idea how long it would take to get all the paper/glue off from under the linoleum. I hugely underestimated that part of the project (it ended up taking about 20 hours total, most of which I did solo). Basically the process was rip up the linoleum, which went pretty fast, and then soak the glue/paper in hot water and remove it with a drywall mud spreader one bit at a time. The places that had gotten a lot of foot traffic (i.e. the entire kitchen) were the hardest. In total, we did the kitchen, eating area, hallway between our kitchen and laundry room (which used to be carpeted), pantry, laundry room, and foyer. I also painted all the kickboards in the kitchen, baseboards in the pantry and laundry room, and walls in the laundry room behind the washer/dryer. This project also involved moving out the dishwasher, fridge, stove, washer, and dryer. Like I said...pretty intense. It took about three weeks doing it in chunks. 

Bare cement subfloor in our kitchen for about ten days...we broke a lot of stuff.

We lived with a partial floor like this for about five days...we had to be super careful not to step on the edges!

And the finished product!! So beautiful! So much easier to clean, and so lovely lovely lovely. We've done SO much work on this kitchen--new floors, painted the cabinets and changed all the hardware/hinges, removed horrible ugly tile backsplash (which necessitated redoing the drywall), installed new not-horrible ugly tile backsplash, replaced the faucet, painted walls (twice), removed awful wallpaper, etc.

Somewhere in there the kids had a piano recital...Isaac's first! All of them are thriving and learning, but Isaac is seriously learning by leaps and bounds. He LOVES piano lessons and piano practice--only one of my kiddos thus far where I have to set a time limit as to how long he can practice, rather than how long he must practice.

 Case in point...Isaac playing Christmas carols while Nathan plans his invasion of the Christmas village.

We're trying to train Matthew to sleep in his crib. It's hard. This picture is deceptive. 

Last week Abigail made some pretty darn delicious challah, start to finish all by herself.

 Abigail and Matthew cuddling before bedtime sometime last week...

And me with Matthew LONG after bedtime. Wishing he would go to sleep. 

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