Sunday, November 27, 2016

Thanksgiving bits and pieces

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving this year hosting my parents, grandparents, and my sister Mary Beth. I was so glad they were all able to come spend the holiday with us! And our eleven pies. :-)


To be perfectly honest, the prep for this Thanksgiving was pretty intense. Due to people's work and travel schedules, I knew I was going to need to have just about everything possible done in advance, so I basically cooked nonstop for three days, plus the stuff I'd cooked and frozen a week or two in advance (actually, I made the meal we had Wednesday night way before Matthew was even born!). But all the prep paid off and Thanksgiving morning wasn't too crazy AND I even had time to sneak out, run a 5K, and set a new personal record, which I was soooo darn excited about! I did not think I was anywhere near in PR shape so soon after Matthew was born, but apparently I was (23:51, which is 7:41/mile). Also exciting because I've run more miles this week (36) than I have for months (only 30 mpw through the last few months of pregnancy/postpartum and then 32 & 34 the last two weeks), so it's nice to see all the hard work paying off and that I'm seeing gains in both mileage and speed (now ask me how I feel about running all those miles on a treadmill at 11 PM at night).

My mom's Thanksgiving table selfie...look how bright-eyed she is after flying from Hong Kong the day before! She spent 3 weeks visiting my younger sister Rosalind, who is living in HK for a year while her husband does a rotation there for work. Mom wasn't feeling too hot but she still came and was a delightful guest. :-)

Mary Beth holding Matthew right before his nap...haha, he's got some pretty droopy eyes!

And can you tell that my kids were NOT happy about letting their beloved aunt go? She had a 6 am meeting the next morning in her Chicago office. No fun the day after Thanksgiving, but she sure works hard!

Mary Beth had also gone to Hong Kong...she and my mom had all sorts of fun goodies and souvenirs to share with the rest of us!

This year we all used fabric markers on the tablecloth to write the things we were thankful for--I'm hoping that in another 30 years that tablecloth is full of awesome memories...which are still legible. 

Over the last few weeks I embroidered everyone's name on felt leaves to use as place cards. It was a fun little project to do while I was reading stories to the little boys in the afternoons.

More droopy-eyed Matthew on my lap. Poor little guy was starting to come down with a cold and not sleeping so well. 

My grandparents--such a treat to have them here! It's a big trip for them and I was so grateful that they were willing to come!!

 We blessed Matthew in our home on Friday morning (an ordinance in our church similar to christening). Neil gave him a wonderful blessing; my favorite promise was that Matthew will grow to be known as an honest and faithful man who serves his family and his Father in heaven. I was so grateful that my dad and my grandfather were able to be there to assist in the blessing, as well as one of my good friends from BYU days who is a member of our local clergy (huge thanks to him for being willing to come over on a holiday weekend!). I'm grateful for the good and righteous men in Matthew's life who will serve as examples to him as he learns and grows to be like them.

And then this is pretty much how I spent Friday afternoon after everyone left...I NEVER nap but man oh man I was so worn out! Then I woke up, ate some Thanksgiving leftovers, and ran 8 miles...and then did exactly the same thing on Saturday. 

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