Wednesday, January 25, 2017

a day, January 2017

Every so often I like to record what my days are like at this stage of life, so here goes. Including posting photos of myself with no makeup to the internet...look at those tired eyes!!!

1-2 AM: Matthew is wiggling around with lots of little whuffling noises--just enough to keep me tense and wondering whether he will wake up for good. We've really got to get him into another room but that long trek across the house in the dark multiple times a night isn't very appealing.

4:00 AM: wake up with Matthew. He's actually slept for about three hours straight which is AMAZING. I put him back in his crib around 5 am.

6:15 AM: Matthew wakes up again. I'm groggy enough that I fall asleep nursing him and don't wake up until almost 8. Neil, however, woke up when I did but stayed awake and got Abigail on the bus to middle school and has started breakfast for the younger kids. I check in with them, kiss them, and go back to feed Matthew again...and fall asleep again holding him (I've got the most ridiculous sleep deficit right now!). Finally drag myself out of bed, kiss Neil goodbye, and get on with the day. I eat a slice of homemade bread left over from dinner last night as I start some laundry and do a quick 15 minutes of grading/responding to students' emails, then a round of vacuuming.

9:30: Matthew goes down for a nap, and I head into my bathroom to clean up the gigantic mess I accidentally made when I tipped Nathan's tub of wheat (our indoor version of a sandbox for his beloved construction vehicles). It takes a ridiculously long amount of time to get all the wheat kernels and I deep-clean my bathroom while I'm at it.

10:30: Matthew wakes up and I feed him quickly before we head out to pick Luke up from school. I call my younger sister on the way and have a quick ten-minute chat with her during the drive.

11:20: Once we get home again, we head straight for the library couch and read stories. Luke and Nathan have REALLY been struggling lately with fighting right after school, so I've been experimenting with all sorts of different things to reduce the fighting. Feeding Luke right away seems to be key, so he ate a granola bar in the car and I give him a banana during the stories.

11:50: Matthew (on my lap) is getting fussy, so I put him down for a nap and then we read stories for another twenty minutes.

12:10: I ask the boys if they're hungry. Not surprisingly, they're full after the bananas and granola bars. They want to play with their play-doh and construction vehicles, so I decide this is a good time for some treadmill miles.

I manage to get 3.5 miles done before Matthew wakes up. I take a quick break, grab Matthew, get some drinks & more food for the boys, and then hop back on the treadmill to finish up while Matthew hangs out in his swing near the treadmill. All told, I get in 5.5 miles of 400-meter repeats at 5k pace. It's a hard workout and I feel both tired and exhilarated when I'm done. Bonus: this is the shortest run I'll do all week and it's a huge relief to have it done before bedtime, since the last two nights in a row I've run for hours once the kids were in bed.

1:15: Showered and dressed--time to feed Matthew again.

1:40: I Help the boys clean up the play-doh mess and give the kitchen a good going-over in the process, then I start organizing a bunch of Family Home Evening lesson materials my mom gave me while I help Luke with his math homework. I started sorting out the lesson stuff a couple of days ago and it kept getting interrupted, so it's a huge relief to finish it now!

2:10: Luke's finished with his math; we move on to having him read aloud while I keep folding. My mom calls as we're finishing up and I talk with her for a few minutes before Abigail gets home from school. Matthew's ready for another nap since he woke up quite awhile ago.

3:15: Everyone has had a snack now; Abigail starts practicing her clarinet while Luke and I work on handwriting skills, then I work with her on her solo and ensemble piece. The competition is this Saturday and I'm her accompanist; I will be excited to have an extra 20 minutes in my day every day when we're no longer practicing this song!

4:00: Juliet and Isaac are home; after they have a snack, Isaac starts his math homework and I quiz Juliet on her spelling words while I make dinner--one of the kids' favorites served with green smoothies. It's an easy-to-make dinner that I hope everyone will eat without too much fuss. Normally Neil moves heaven and earth to be home to eat dinner with us, but tonight he's teaching a late-afternoon lab and has to rush straight to the church to supervise the scouts' Pinewood Derby.

The kids all pack their lunches, fold and put away their laundry, and lay their clothes out for school tomorrow. Abigail practices piano, Matthew wakes up and I nurse him, and Juliet practices piano while Nathan sets the table--and snap a picture because my heart turns over with love at his little floppy puppy tail up there carefully inching around on top of the table as he lines up plates and cups and forks. (Tomorrow I'll remind him not to stand on the table, but today I just soaked up his little-boyness and eagerness to help.) As we're finishing dinner, Nathan takes a huge final bite and triggers his crazy gag reflex (thanks to all the issues he had as a baby) and throws up everywhere. Everyone takes this in stride and the girls are halfway to having it cleaned up before I've made a move.  We're rushing in hopes of making it to the library tonight!

6:00: victory! Luke and Abigail do the dishes while Juliet clears the table and Isaac practices piano. I sneak in some more quick grading while the kids are finishing up dinner jobs, then we start the dishwasher and head out to the library. Nathan eats a granola bar in the car, while I find myself immersed in one of those out-of-nowhere heavy conversations with Abigail--we cover the latest political news, including the implications of repealing the Affordable Care Act and the pro-choice and pro-life debate. We pull up to the library just as I finish explaining why meaningless sex is so problematic, and then as all the kids get out of the car and run into the library I reflect again on how those "big talks" are so important to have on a regular and normalized basis.

7:15: home again (car convo on the way home was role-playing phone etiquette with everyone...Nathan loved this!!) and we start the pajama process. Nathan, Juliet, and Isaac make themselves toast and everyone gets in about half an hour of reading. I give Matthew a bath and check out Juliet's latest Lego creations in the "Main Street" town that the girls are always building--my favorite new additions are the ski shop with all the tiny little details, including a scale to get an accurate weight on rental skis and the multiple 3-D layers of snow outside, and the balsamic vinegar shop in the town. We brush teeth and say 8 pm I'm trying to nudge kids into bed while also bouncing a very cranky Matthew and Neil walks through the door! Hurray hurray, I didn't expect him until close to midnight, so this is a treat! He takes over with the older kids and I go off to feed Matthew.

Once the kids are in bed, it's more grading and then the best time of all--hanging out with Neil (and talking over all the crazy political stuff from the last few days). He's been working the last couple of nights while I've been running, so time together sounds amazing!! There's tons and tons of stuff I didn't get to today, but...that's how it goes. Tomorrow is another day!

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Meghan said...

What a great day! But I wish none of us had to waste time and energy on the awful political news of the day. Try to take a break one night and play a game for 1/2 hour. Escape!

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