Monday, January 16, 2017

Holiday stuff part 2

Well, I figured out how to retrieve some of the photos, so this will have to do! I'm giving myself 10 minutes to write this post before I really need to get on with the day, so here goes at lightning speed!

On the last day of school, we told the kids they could sleep under the Christmas tree (knowing full well it would be crazy and probably not actually work). We were right, but they really enjoyed it for the first hour. Then one kid was sent to bed, 2 opted to go sleep on the library couch, and the other 2 slept on the living room couches.

Nathan and his Mattycake. Hard to take a non-blurry photo of these two wigglers!

Dinosaur dig at the Children's Museum--always a favorite! Can you spot Jules, Isaac, and Luke?

Really cool new exhibit on the ISS--we had a lot of fun with this one!


The kids all decided that the time we spent in the China exhibit was their favorite. Kind of ironic because they were all whining about going in, and I decided I was going to MAKE it fun, so I got super enthusiastic and started very dramatically whipping up food in the fake kitchen...and then of course they all got way into it and Neil had about a zillion plates of toy food on his lap. And I was really excited because Luke was reading the "recipes" on his own, so cute! Then I wanted Chinese food for the entire rest of the day, so we stopped for some on the way home, and the place we usually go was no longer doing a Chinese buffet and was now super-expensive with a long wait, which was lame. (We ended up at Wendy's, which also took forever, and most of us were very hangry by the time we ate.)

Watching the play at the Children's Museum, which was the Elves & the Shoemaker in some sort of Seuss-ified alternate reality that hurt my eyes. But the kids loved it!

And I don't know that I've ever put a photo up of the Chihuly sculpture at the CM, so here's one. :-)

Okay, this is so frustrating--I've tried a bunch of different times to rotate these photos, but my hard drive is so full that it's not letting me edit them in the way that actually works best. So sideways it is, and I'm having to delete a bunch that wouldn't post anyway other than upside down.

But here's Nate with his sugar cookie marvel on Christmas Eve...

And Mary Beth FINALLY getting a Christmas cookie!

So happy she came!!!

Another pajama picture just because I love Juliet & Isaac's hug and Luke's bizarre crazed-elf face.

 I didn't take many photos Christmas morning (at least not photos that are rotated properly!) so here's a representative one...

Matthew's favorite present--he is seriously OBSESSED with this octopus toy. It's literally the only toy he is ever interested in. For now. :-)

One day we had 4 friends over, and right in the middle of the slime-making festivities Matthew needed to nurse, so I told Abigail and her friend that they were in charge of making sure that everyone finished their snack (cranberry bread, of course!) and cleaned up their slime. When I finished feeding Matthew I came into the kitchen and it was spotless! Hurray for those awesome older kids!

Sideways photo that I sneakily took of Neil wrangling kids in church. I love that man.

And sleeping babies--he fell asleep one day while I was nursing him and I randomly had a little pocket of ten minutes of free time that I just sat rocking him and looking at his beautiful little face. 

And my kids are obsessed with eating beets right now because of their ability to change the color of your tongue and your urine. We're nothing but classy. 

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