Sunday, January 15, 2017

January bits + home projects

We're halfway through January!! Halfway! How did that happen?!

I've been doing the Apartment Therapy January Cure again, which I love so much. I haven't been able to do it as in-depth this year as I'd like *cough* Matthew *cough* but it's still pretty great. My pantry is loving the organized bins, I finally ordered a new duvet cover for my bed, 8 years is a long time for white bedding (and ordered white again, because I love white so much), and we've been plugging away at house projects. Last weekend we painted Juliet & Luke's walls & woodwork, plus all the woodwork in the pantry and linen closets. It's very sad that it's been 3 years since I started that project and I just totally stopped once I got all the visible stuff done--but now I just have to do the baseboards behind my bed, Abigail's closet, and Juliet & Luke's closet doors, and we will be done! With the baseboards, at least. (Still have to repaint my room and probably the striped wall in the boys' room.)

In other getting-the-house-ready-to-sell news, we bought a new stove yesterday (and new faucets for the bathroom. And spent forever looking at lights but didn't find any we liked). We've had one of those ugly coil-top stoves in every place we've ever lived since we were married, and I didn't even think about replacing it with something more current until my mom gently suggested it. Obvious much?! (But this didn't prevent me from being INSANELY grumpy and snappy all day the day we bought it, because I seriously hate putting money into a house that we're selling.)

But I love my new stove, and I'll enjoy it for the time being (along with my new floors).

This dude is reading so well! And he's getting more cooperative about reading, which is always the tricky part at this stage...yeesh. 

And Mattycakes is growing growing growing--with cheeks of chubbly deliciousness, and hair that has me wondering if we'll have another blond? He looks SO much like Abigail as a baby that it totally throws me all the time. ;-)

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