Sunday, January 15, 2017

Year of Running

I usually save all my running posts for my running blog (which gets updated daily as opposed to this poor neglected blog!), but occasionally I like to do an update here. So here's my year in review of running, mostly Matthew-centered. And as you can see from that photo above, he's starting to join me on runs! (That was his first run earlier in December.)

I started out the year rehabbing the tibial stress fracture I sustained while training for a marathon in November 2015--yes, that would be the marathon I ran WITH a stress fracture because I was told that it was tendonitis. So January and February were building months as I gradually got back to running (I was doing about 100 miles a week on the recumbent bike for the intervening 8 weeks to keep my cardio fitness up).

In April, I ran a half-marathon at 13 weeks pregnant.

In May, I ran a half-marathon at 20 weeks pregnant.

In July, I ran a 5k on my birthday at 7 months pregnant.

Throughout the entirety of my pregnancy, I kept my mileage at no less than 30 miles per week. I ran 4.5 miles 3 days before my due date, then walked 5 miles while I was in labor and gave birth 2 hours later, giving me a total of 931 miles for the pregnancy. I ran 3 miles at 9:04/pace 3 days after delivery, then ran a half-marathon 3 weeks after delivery (which was pretty intense on the pain scale, btw--I was in great shape fitness-wise, but gosh, I could definitely tell that I'd just given birth).

In November I set a new 5k PR at 2 months postpartum, then started my holiday running streak and ended it on New Year's Eve with 220 miles and the year with 1,357 miles. Certainly not one of my highest years mileage-wise but I was really pleased with it considering the injury rehab and pregnancy!

And then I started looking towards next year!!!

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