Thursday, February 23, 2017

Best of the best!

Neil had his preliminary examinations this morning for his doctorate--and he passed! Hurray, hurray, hurray!! This is a pretty huge deal. His committee was very impressed by all of the research he has done--one of the reasons why his degree has taken so long is that there were so many avenues his advisor asked him to explore before finally settling on the dissertation research three years ago (that's eight years of other stuff, if you're counting). But those other years have yielded ten publications, which is pretty darn impressive, and two teaching awards, one of which is the very highest award that the university awards to doctoral teaching assistants. Now that prelims are behind him, we are really ramping up the job search, so please let me know if you have any leads for laser-additive manufacturing. ;-)
We are SO proud of him and so, so, so incredibly grateful for all the insanely long hours and hard work he has put in without complaint. I don't know how he keeps going day after day (everyone else who entered this program with him under this advisor was either asked to leave or decided to quit, so he will be the only one his advisor has ever successfully graduated in this program). It has been a long and lonely road for him, and he has borne an enormous burden without complaint--I know I already said that, but seriously, he doesn't complain--he just works tremendously long hours, sleeps very little, and gives 200% to his marriage, his family, and his research. He's a pretty quiet guy, but gosh, I just wish the world knew how amazing he is--so I'll do my shouting from the rooftops here on my blog!

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Bryce Moore said...

What is Laser Additive Manufacturing? I'm always trying to finagle people to come to Maine, but I need to know what exactly it is they do before I can find the perfect job. :-)

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