Saturday, February 04, 2017

Date night

Please tell me we're not the only people in the world whose date night involves standing in front of a Valentine display calling our kids to find out which ones they want to pass out and if they are SURE we can't make cute "Thumbody loves you" ones...ah, the grocery store. That repository of romance and inevitable stop on every date. :-)

1) Always fun to eat a dinner I didn't cook, especially if it's delicious Thai food! Neil was working from home today, but it still felt like I hadn't talked to him in ages. Anything is delightful when I'm with him. Even buying Star Wars Valentines. And Abigail is a stellar babysitter who is thrilled to be paid in sushi! :-)

2) One of my goals for January was to work on making my bedroom a peaceful haven again. I repainted and bought a new duvet cover, but unfortunately Matthew and his baby paraphernalia are still in there (I told my mom yesterday that I would put him in his real crib last night...all that happened was that I moved his bassinet up next to my side of the bed so I didn't even have to get out of bed to get dang tired from his "I will wake up SIX times a night now!" thing). But I listed my storage hutch (which used to be in the kitchen and then got moved to my room and I so hated it being there!) on Craigslist and today someone bought it and took it away, so I waved goodbye to it with a mental thank-you for the 13 years I loved it--but a big sigh of relief that it's someone else's to love now. :-)

3) Last night I was doing my usual check of sleeping kids and found Nathan and Abigail tucked in together. They've started doing this on Friday nights (since that's the only night we have neither school nor church early the next day) and it's pretty cute. Abigail sure loves her littlest brothers--she always wants to hold Matthew or put him down for a nap or get him up, and yesterday as she was taking him into his room for a nap I saw her kiss his cheek over and over and whisper into his ear, "Oh Matty, I love you so so so much! You are the best baby in the world!"

4) I did yoga today after my run--I wanted to run a couple of extra miles just to bump up my weekly mileage (from 40 to 42) but I knew that the better long-term choice was to spend that time on really stretching and working on the painful spots. I don't always make this choice so I'm pretty proud of my maturity when I do. ;-)

5) I took the kids to the library this afternoon to give Neil some peace and quiet, and we picked up a couple of holds for Abigail that she has been anticipating for quite awhile. When we checked them out, I told her that she needed to finish a book for her English class before getting immersed in all the library books, since it would make it much harder to do well on the AR quiz for her assigned book if she took a big break in the middle. I knew she was not happy about this, but she took a deep breath, and said, "You're right--I will finish it first." And I was SO PROUD that she didn't make a fuss about it and just took it in stride! Parenting victory!!

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