Tuesday, February 07, 2017

Day seven

Oh gosh. This was another long day. A few weeks ago I spiked a really high fever and was super sick for a couple of days, but I never really had downtime to recover...I've been feeling run-down ever since. I think I'm coming down with something now and it's just hitting me like a ton of bricks!

1) Matthew slept in his own room last night. Not particularly well, but it's a start!

2) I cleared almost all of the baby stuff out of my room today--all that's left is his swing. My room suddenly feels SO HUGE! It's awesome. No more baby clothes, diapers, blankets, pacifiers, portable crib, rocking chair...it's so nice to walk into my room now and just see no kid stuff anywhere. So much more peaceful and relaxing.

3) I somehow managed to gut out 6.5 miles tonight. I didn't get to start until after 9 and I was so dang tired that I honestly did not know if I would make it past the first mile. But I did.

4) Isaac's teacher told me tonight at parent-teacher conferences that she has taught many high-ability children in the immersion HA class, but Isaac is truly gifted, and that's extremely rare. She rattled off a bunch of the little behaviors that drive me nuts (she's so frank! I love it! No glossing over anything!) and told me that they are all markers of the intensely gifted child. In her words, "He's a hot mess, but I love him, and he is absolutely amazing and tremendously gifted." A wonderful wonderful reminder for me on days when I'm just seeing the hot mess. :-) Which is pretty much 99% of the last few weeks. (Does it sound like I'm bragging? Maybe...but trust me, this is like the ONE GOOD THING I have to cling to about parenting right now, because we are in crisis mode with 3 of our children right now and I do not understand how I am still functioning other than the fact that somebody has to do it and that someone is apparently me.)

5) I got more "alone" time today driving from piano lessons to PT conferences and back than I have had in months. That's sad, but true, and it was a wonderful part of my day.

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