Tuesday, February 07, 2017

Day six

today was a hard, hard, hard day, and I'm typing this while I nurse Matthew, so it will probably be typo-ridden and brief.

1) I got my run in even though my legs felt like lead. Ten miles on the treadmill after the kids were in bed and I kept reminding myself that for every good race there are a lot of miserable training runs thst you just have to gut through.

2) It was warm enough today that the little boys played outside for about half an hour--that quiet was amazing and I got so much done!

3) We are really buckling down on sleep-training and did a whole bunch of rearranging so thst Matthew can (temporarily) have his own room. Fingers crossed bc the status quo is untenable.

4) I made treats to take into school tomorrow for Juliet and Isaac's half-birthdays, and I did not eat any of them. Doubled recipes of brownies and Rice Krispie treats--I'm pretty proud of that self-control!

5) Matthew ate right before we left for clarinet and slept through the grocery store stop-off in the way home. Little miracles.

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