Wednesday, February 08, 2017


1) We finally had some snow today! It's been a balmy winter (60 degrees yesterday!!) so this was SO welcome! I sent the kids outside the instant we got home and they played for almost two hours  sledding down our tiny hill and building a fort & snowmen and gleefully pounding each other with snowballs. Frosty heaven. (And then we had a looong evening of homework and music practice after dinner.)

2) Kids all had dentist appointments today. This is always something I dread so I'm thrilled that it's over! And I'm SO grateful that the practice we go to has enough pediatric dentists that they will schedule 5 appointments simultaneously--that is awesome!! I even had a blissful fifteen minutes with my Real Simple magazine after Matthew fell asleep in the waiting room.

3) Neil wasn't home for dinner this evening so we had a ridiculous dinner of things the kids love (green smoothies, pan-fried potatoes, frozen fish sticks, and Chinese steam buns) and everyone told me like ten times I was the best cook ever. Which is always nice to avoid dinner battles, but kind of sad when you're like...really? The fish sticks? (But they did gobble down Brussels sprouts last night, so I guess it evens out.) I was actually planning to do roasted beets tonight, since the kids all loved them and Neil only tolerates them to set a good example of eating foods you don't like, but I forgot. Oh well. He can set a good example tomorrow. ;-)

4) Matthew slept four hours in a row last night. That is his longest block ever. I'm coming down with a cold, but even so, I feel 1000x better than I did yesterday...something about that stretch of unbroken sleep sure helps with the crippling fatigue. :-)

5) On that note, I got my run done today as soon as the kids were all off to school! So nice not to have that waiting for me when everyone is finally in bed!

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