Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Five for February, Day 15

Things I'm thankful for today:

1) Matthew has been sleeping much better the last few nights--I feel like we might possibly be starting to settle into a schedule! Hurray! He has spent the entire night in his crib (no 3 am throwing in the towel and transferring him to the swing!) for the last nine nights and that's a pretty big deal. :-) We've still had a few rocky nights but the general trend is going upwards!

2) Ever since the injunction on the immigration ban, I have been feeling much more hopeful about the political sphere. I felt so much despair and sadness and fear after the election--but I have loved seeing all of the good and kind and intelligent people in this country who are working so hard to ensure that we don't slip backwards. Reading the news is still totally crazy, but it's not quite as bleak as it was a few weeks ago.

3) Tonight the kids all went outside for half an hour before dinner. It was still pretty cold (30ish?), but they were thrilled to be outside, and I really relished the quiet house with the pleasant hum of outdoor play in the background. I got a little grading done and thought happily about spring--Nathan, in particular, is SO ready to be out digging in his sandbox again (and I am ready to have him digging outside instead of using his wheat box inside...that kid loves his construction vehicles so much and the wheat box is a decent compromise, but I feel like there are wheat kernels everywhere! At least Nathan loves vacuuming up the wheat).

4) After the girls & Neil headed out to scouts & Activity Days at the church tonight, the boys and I curled up on the rug in front of the fire and read, read, read. I took a little break to feed Matthew his cereal (and he's getting better at that every time!) and Isaac took over reading duties. What would we do without books?! They are the lifeblood of this family.

5) Neil told me the roast I made for dinner tonight was the best one he's ever eaten in his entire life (it may also have been the fact that he got home after we'd finished eating so he could enjoy the quiet while he ate!). I, on the other hand, was grateful for the fact that I was done with dinner prep at noon--I love cooking but I HATE cooking when I feel rushed, and the "witching hour" of trying to cram in everyone's homework and music practice and dinner prep is always crazy, especially with a nursing baby. So three cheers for make-ahead meals!

...and I'm thankful for fat baby cheeks back in my life again, like that picture of Luke up above from 2012. Did you know that Luke had the very best cheeks ever, and I named one Strawberry Fluff and the other Marshmallow Cloud, and for years Luke and I have had a very elaborate bedtime ritual kissing Strawberry Fluff and Marshmallow Cloud to sleep? Sadly, they have gotten smaller and smaller as his cheekies have gone from giant toddler puffs to lean little boy face. But Luke has reassured me several times that Matthew is working really hard to grow Strawberry Fluff Jr. and Marshmallow Cloud the Younger!

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