Wednesday, February 01, 2017

Five for February

And here we go again with another year of Five for February, which I started back in 2011 as a way of instilling some gratitude into my bleak winter days. :-)

1) Tonight while Neil & the girls were at the church for Scouts/Activity Days, I had a peaceful hour reading stories with all four of the boys. Lovely! I reflected on how different storytime is with the computer-in-the-pocket era here to stay, as we ended up watching four YouTube videos when the shark book we were reading left us with lots of unanswered questions about the different swimming styles and leaping abilities of various sharks. Is it possible that my random shark facts obsession is passing to another generation? :-)

2) On the reading note, a new book arrived today! This is such a silly one that we all loved, but it's never checked in to the library so I finally just ordered our own. Luke giggles like crazy whenever we read it.

3) And speaking of which, Luke is a reading superstar! He's progressing so well (right now he's reading at a second-grade level). I love watching that world of words open up. We're getting close to the magical point where I start having him read Harry Potter to me and from there it just explodes. (Sidenote: Isaac finished the 7th Harry Potter book over Christmas break and Abigail just read Anne of Green Gables a couple weeks back. Good golly I love how reading takes us on such fantastic journeys!)

4) We had some great news today about Neil's research. I'll blog about it more in a few weeks, but things are looking really good for him these days.

5) Tonight's dinner was met with much acclaim from the kids, which is always so great to hear (Neil got home late enough that I didn't even hear his reaction to dinner, poor guy). It was not the dinner I'd planned to make, mostly because the last 3 days I've been too tired to go to the grocery store and get all the stuff on my list (Matthew is totally killing me with the 4-6 wakeups a night!!!). But the broccoli was SO good and got so many rave reviews that it made me feel like I'd pulled off some amazing feat overall. ;-)

So I was scrounging for dinner stuff tonight and this is what I ended up making: broiled chicken and apple sausages, garlic mashed potatoes (combo of russets and red potatoes because I didn't have enough of either), rice pilaf (with jasmine rice, which was a little odd but it tasted okay if you like rice pilaf, which 2/5 kids did), and the REAL hit--broccoli sauteed so that it was crisp in spots and tender in others (such good flavor with slightly blackened broccoli!!) and then tossed with lemon zest, fresh-squeezed lemon juice, and pink Himalayan salt. I've roasted broccoli quite a few times but this was the first time I've tried to replicate it on the stovetop. And Luke, who was my dinner helper tonight, was SO proud because he chopped the potatoes and broccoli, then squeezed the lemon juice. (I have this juicer-thingie and it is a total game-changer. AMAZING.)


Meghan said...

This is a great idea for February. Maybe I'll try to do a quick little list every night. It sounds like a lovely day/evening, in spite of the sleep deprivation.

Rachael said...

Eat at Mom's needs new posts!!

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