Friday, February 03, 2017

Made it to Friday!!

Today's 5 good things:

1) Last night Neil and I were finishing up an episode of New Girl (thanks, Elise, for recommending it!) when we heard a knock on the door. We opened it to find a surprise visitor--one of our dear friends who now lives 8 hours away! It was so funny to me because at first it totally made sense to me that Jason would be there, especially since I'd just been texting Melanie about something and THEN I was like, wait, what the heck! So fun to get the chance to spend a couple hours catching up with him as we haven't seen their family since August! Hopefully we'll see Melanie & the kids soon too. :-)

2) Tonight we watched The King and I with the kids for "Classic Movie Night" (something we made up a long time ago to ensure that our kids have seen all those awesome old movies). Such a great film and immediately afterwards Isaac unbuttoned his pajama top, put his hands on his hips, and started strutting around saying "Etcetera, etcetera, etcetera!" I have the feeling we're going to be hearing that a lot! They were all completely fascinated by the "Small House of Uncle Thomas" play and we talked about the beautiful ways in which different cultures practice religious worship and use different forms of dance and costuming. Since my ulterior motive in picking this film this week was to fight back in my own little sphere against Trump's ban on Muslims and refugees, I ended the evening feeling victorious in my goals of teaching my children appreciation and respect for other cultures and religious beliefs. Even if it's through something as simple as a good movie. :-)

3) Luke and Abigail were working together on Luke's Valentines today (that Abigail is so sweet and helpful! She saw that he was having trouble fitting some parts together and she came right over and offered her assistance). At one point they were listening to a Coldplay song and Abigail said, "Why do they keep saying 'it was all yellow'"? and Luke--totally deadpan and without missing a beat--responded, "Probably because they are thinking with the minds of ducks." Hah!

4) Nathan is totally in love with the vacuum cleaner right now. Mostly he's super excited about vacuuming up his indoor-sandbox-of-wheat messes, but today I had him vacuum up all the flour dust that accumulates in a couple of the cabinets. Sweet!

5) I was nursing Matthew earlier and when he finished up I was just playing with him on my lap and making faces at him. At one point he made this really crazy laugh-thing (kind of like a dinosaur or bird call!) and it startled him so much that he totally jumped and then started laughing again. Oh, I love babies!


Melanie said...

I wish I could have been there too! We need some quality catching up time. And we love New Girl- it's a bit of a guilty pleasure!

Rachael said...

Jason said the same thing about New Girl! And we've got to chat--next week?--since we totally missed this week.

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