Thursday, February 09, 2017


1) So grateful today for the friend who had Nathan and Luke over to play with her kiddos this afternoon--I got all caught up on grading and then spent an hour blitzing my house. It's amazing how much cleaning I can get done when I don't have little helpers! My freshly-mopped floors make my heart rejoice.

2) Parent-teacher conferences for Juliet today and I left feeling so blessed to have a teacher who loves Jules so much and is working so diligently to help her develop good habits--doing her best work, checking her answers, and staying calm when she feels frustrated. I love thst her teacher recognizes Juliet's need to be in constant motion and views it as something to accommodate rather than something to punish! Juliet loves her teacher with all her heart and I sure do too!

3) I was watching Neil help the kids with their homework tonight (another day of playing in the snow right after school!) and thought how lucky we are to have a father in this family who LOVES to help with homework and wishes he was able to do it more often. What a good guy.

4) I love the dividends we are reaping from all the hours we've put in teaching our kids how to do their dinner jobs. Tonight Neil and I even got to sneak in a few minutes lying in the rug in front of the fire playing with Matthew while the older kids cleared the table, swept, washed the dishes, wiped down the counters, and packed their lunches. Pretty dang awesome.

5) Jules is having a few friends over tomorrow night to celebrate her half-birthday. She baked her cake tonight and she was SO excited and my heart was so happy to be her assistant as she measured and mixed and poured.

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