Sunday, February 19, 2017


1) I snapped this photo on our walk tonight. I sure love this crew!!!

2) We took a walk right after dinner over to the "cat sticks," which is what my kids call cattails. (Funny story--Neil also thought they were called cat sticks for real, because he had never seen cattails until living in the Midwest!). The cattails were fully ripe, so basically if you brushed against them they would EXPLODE, so of course we picked as many as we could possibly reach (probably about 100) and had the time of our lives throwing cattail fluff around. Neil totally hates this (weird, who doesn't like a mouth/eyes full of cattail fluff for the next hour?) and so he stayed at a safe distance with Matthew (we maybe mocked him just a tiny bit for this), but the kids and I came home covered in so much cattail fluff that Juliet looked down at herself and said, "I'm a chicken!" (And we also completely covered a little back road with cattail fluff so we could watch cars drive through the puff...the kids all assured me that it was the most wonderful thing that has ever happened in their lives.) It was getting pretty dark and I couldn't get many pictures, but here's a grainy twilight one about 2 minutes in--just imagine this x1000!!

3) On our way home we watched the sun set and all the stars come out--and we think we even saw the International Space Station for about 45 seconds! (You can check this link out to see when it may be visible for you.) It was a really clear night and we had a great time looking at all the stars--we pretended like we were camping and doing our traditional "no flashlight dark walk" all around the campground. The kids kept asking us to zip and unzip our jackets so that they could pretend it was the tent zipper. Gosh I love those little people!

4) Neil made cookies tonight (he makes the best chocolate-chip cookies I've ever had in my life; his secret is that he only bakes them for 8 minutes and then cools them on the hot pan for another 10 minutes--chewy and gooey perfection!). And he made sure that I got a nap today--I've been totally running on empty the last few days and just can't seem to kick this cough! I was so tired that I fell back asleep for another 90 minutes after I nursed Matthew after I'd been sleeping for an hour, but I felt SO much better when I woke up!

5) This is from yesterday, since I forgot to write about it then...the kids were super excited to get their shorts & short-sleeved shirts out of storage since it's so warm. So they came into our room first thing in the morning asking if they could get the storage boxes down, and I groggily said, "We have to fold the laundry first...we did 4 loads of laundry last night but just dumped it all on the couch and didn't fold it because Dad and I were both working late." And so those kids quietly folded ALL the laundry and put it away while Neil & I slept in until 8 AM--what an awesome start to a Saturday!

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