Friday, February 10, 2017


Tonight we had the first of two half-birthday parties we are hosting this month (Isaac's is in 2 weeks). It may sound silly, but I have been so stressed over this wondering if other parents thought I was totally ridiculous for doing it (I promise we won't ask you to buy another gift in six months!). But Abigail is the only one of my kids who has ever had a legit birthday party with friends and gifts, as opposed to having friends over for a playdate and serving cupcakes as the snack--something about having so many birthdays in a row and perfectly lined up with the end/start of school has made it easy for me to push aside the party thing. But this year I promised we would do parties. Hence, the half-birthday parties since I am just giving up on doing parties for birthdays that are five days before school starts (I also have a late summer birthday and most years we were blowing out the candles on vacation!)


1) I'm really grateful that Juliet's friends were able to come over. She had a wonderful evening and I think it was everything she'd dreamed of--she wanted to do crafts and play games and eat. So we made pizzas and cake, and we decorated canvas totes with fabric markers and painted canvases with acrylics, and played some rousing rounds of Twister. (And Nathan watched dump truck videos during the painting because I've learned a few things.)

2) Did you know you can peel off poorly piped frosting if you nab it before it sets? I seriously did the worst job the first time I tried to pipe frosting onto her cake. Luke looked at it and said very seriously, "Well, we can tell her we tried our best, but I think she might be embarrassed when her friends see it." Fortunately our second attempt was much better and I thought it looked pretty respectable when we were done. :-)

3) I hate throwing parties with a messy house, and things worked out really well today to get everything deep-cleaned just in time for the party hoopla to mess it up again. Haha!

4) One of my favorite bits of today was watching Luke laugh hysterically every time he made Matthew laugh, and then Matthew would laugh even harder and Luke would just go crazy giggling.

5) My sister sent me a really awesome sound machine that is Matthew's new favorite thing--he took the best nap ever in the history of Matthew naps the first time I set it up in his crib. Three cheers for Ruth!!

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