Wednesday, February 22, 2017


Today's been a tricky day--I still can't shake this cough and I seem to have passed it on to a few more kids. Matthew isn't coughing, but his little voice is so raspy that it's heart-breaking when he cries.

But there are still lots of good things. I need to start writing these down earlier; I think of so many during the day and then I forget them!

1) Today I got to talk with my mom, my sister Ruth, and my sister Mary Beth on the phone. Such a treat! And I got to talk with Elise via text. (Rosalind is in Hong Kong, so our texts seem to connect only at 8 am and 8 pm!)

2) Tonight was one of the nights where we weren't rushing off somewhere (well, Neil was gone, but everyone else was home). We took our time getting ready for bed--reading stories to tucked-in little boys, rubbing backs, brushing and flossing with great diligence. Luke fell asleep right after his story (with his book on his face and his glasses in his hand) but everyone else somehow migrated in to sit on Isaac's bed and reminisce fondly about past road trips (our topic was the worst throw-ups, but hey, memories are memories).

3) For no reason at all I just really relished the process of brushing Nathan's teeth tonight. Maybe it was the realization that these years are so fleeting and there is something so wonderful about a happy little boy who is so enthralled by his own toothpaste and who leaps off the counter into my arms and wraps himself tightly around me and gives me a million kisses with his peppermint-scented breath.

4) Since I knew Neil wouldn't be around this evening, I made one of the kids' favorite dinners--are you ready for it?--fish and roasted beets (and roasted carrots too, and applesauce, but those were incidental). My kids are obsessed with roasted beets, especially when served with fish, because they rub the beets all over the fish so the fish get pinkish patches and then pretend they are bloodthirsty little savages who have just caught the fish and are now eating them raw. Obviously.

5) I have cinnamon roll dough rising on the counter for tomorrow's breakfast and I think there are going to be some pretty happy little people in the morning. ;-) (It's a special occasion--that's not a normal weekday breakfast!!!)

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