Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Valentine's Day!

Aren't these two little lovecakes sweet? Can't get enough of them. Today Nathan was laughing like crazy today playing with Matthew--I asked what was so funny and he said, "Oh Mommy, he just has a funny little face and he makes even funnier things with his mouth!"

One of my good things for today is Nathan's newfound obsession with Tchaikovsky Discovers America--he listens to it ALL DAY LONG. This morning he turned it on (thanks, Alexa) as soon as he was done eating breakfast and then got out his play-dough and was like, go run, Mom, I'm all set. Best $12 I've spent in a long time! (He's had it for two weeks and I think he has the entire thing memorized already. Fortunately Alexa understands him better when he asks for this as opposed to Vivaldi or Mozart--he was always getting frustrated with her because she never played the right albums!)

Love seeing my beloved people with my little baby. Abigail is just absolutely the sweetest with him--she is always asking if she can go get him up from a nap or put him down for his naps, and she spends most of her free time playing with him while she reads next to him.

And there's nothing I love more than seeing how tender Neil is with our children.


Started this little guy on some oatmeal yesterday. He was less than impressed, but he did a little better with it today! (Was I emotional about feeding my last little baby his first solid food and giving up that "I'm the only one who is feeding you, my sweet sweet baby" thing? Absolutely.)


Some pictures of Neil napping on Sunday and Matthew having a ball going after him with his "scrabbly hands," as Neil likes to call them. (Mary Beth--he shaven't.)

Time for a new treadmill belt after 5 years. I'm actually really impressed that it is still going--I ran 9 miles Saturday night and noticed that it was tearing, so I stopped. Then I ran 12 miles last night, kind of expecting it to go at any minute (I took the treadmill housing off about halfway through because it was getting so creased that the tears were catching on the housing at every rotation.) Then it made it through another 6.5 miles today. It's kind of exciting running right now...hopefully the new belt will be here by the weekend!

A couple more good things from today (I fell off the wagon over the weekend because this dang cough pretty much knocked me out--except for running, which was a lot slower than usual, and only happened because I am in a much worse mental state if I don't run and so it's always a trade-off if I take an unplanned rest day to recuperate when I'm not feeling well--I've been going back and forth lately between running 5 and 6 days a week, and I am really struggling on the weeks that I only run 5 days. There's a lot I could say about exercise addiction but I won't get into it now.)


1) I don't know about you, but there is always a fair amount of push-back from the kids learning to read...they just don't want to read the same dang books over and over that come home from school. I seriously hate this so much (which is why I've done a lot of knitting when teaching kids to read--the repetitive and calming motion keeps me from going crazy!). Today Luke stayed for his Valentine's party, so he was at school full-day and I was trying to get him to read to me while I made dinner, and he was SUPER grouchy and uncooperative. I finally took a 30-second break to just walk away and walk around the living room for a minute, and when I came back Juliet had somehow magically coaxed him into reading the book to her--she winked at me and gave me a thumbs-up when I came back in. Bless her!

2) Isaac was peeking over Abigail's shoulder while she was typing a paper, and I heard his little voice pipe up: "Don't forget to say what page you found it on! You have to cite things or get expelled!" Hah! I have taught him well. ;-)

3) Neil made pink heart pancakes and sausage for breakfast this morning. He is awesome.

4) We had a really fun FHE last night--Luke wrote everyone's names on a big giant heart, and then we passed them around and wrote the things we loved about that person. And then the kids ate heart-shaped sugar cookies and Neil and I resisted and put ours in the freezer (but we did make an exception for our no-sugar thing today because it's Valentine's Day and gosh, those cookies were good).

5) Last night I served this cheese board as part of dinner, and the kids went crazy complimenting it--the cheeses I chose, the fruit, the freshly-baked bread...they were a pretty appreciative little bunch and it was a delightful meal. (Honeyed goat cheese, the most delightfully gooey Brie covered in Provencal herbs, a crumbly peppercorn-studded sheep's cheese, pumpkin Gouda--which Luke and Isaac have been asking the cheesemonger about for MONTHS!--and a surprisingly sweet yet stinky blue, which Abigail packed in her lunch for tomorrow, so I hope her friends enjoy the smell! Hah!)

6) Neil and I met for lunch today. Loved getting that little bit of Valentine's romance in with him in the middle of a busy day.

7) We had a long conversation at dinner tonight about what national park each of us would choose to visit if we were going on a dreamy road trip to everyone's picks. It was so spirited and fun and the kids got lost in good road trip & camping memories, and I thought how much I enjoy these people, and how much I'm dying to get back into the woods & mountains with them! After Neil left to take the older kids to piano I went to nurse Matthew and when I came back into the kitchen Luke & Nate were sitting there listening to John Denver, and Natie looked up at me and said, "He is reminding us about mountains," and Luke said, "Mom...I just want to go hiking. The kind that's not in the woods here, but the real kind with streams and mountains and rocks and deer." Can't wait until it's time for us to hit the mountains again, because they are sure calling us!!


Emily said...

Sounds like the perfect Valentine's Day! I love that you talked about what parks you all want to visit. What a great dinner topic for kiddos!
Isn’t That Charming.

Rachael said...

Emily, it was such a fun chat! We have a big National Parks book checked out from the library right now that definitely helped with the discussion.

Thanks for visiting!

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