Thursday, March 16, 2017

Marching along and totally bragging about my kids

 If I'm being perfectly honest, blogging is about the last thing I want to do tonight--I just got the kids in bed but I've already had to go in once to tell Nathan to stop screeching and I can hear Matthew fussing, so my time is limited (and Neil isn't home so I'm flying solo on the bedtime-stuffing-kids-back-in-bed-thing).

But it's been too long since I've blogged and I keep thinking that there are things I need to write down--some parenting successes and whatnot because heaven knows I need reminders of those!!!

A snippet from my response to the family email on Sunday, since I don't have time to write it all out again--the short version is that all the kids are working SO dang hard in school right now and I am so so so proud of them. Abigail has had kind of a hard time with the introduction of the Chromebook, especially since the teachers totally just let the kids do whatever on it during the school day and don't police it (at least not the way I think they should), but after we talked about it with her she totally got on top of it and has been super careful about her usage of the Chromebook and her grades have really reflected her hard work; she's at the top of every class and is always winning the in-class Quizlet and Cahoot competitions. Juliet has had a hard time with some of the math stuff this year and has been studying like crazy and was just beaming when she came home yesterday and told me that there was one A and one B on her geometry test, and no C's, and everyone else in the class failed it--and she got the A. I am so darn proud of their hard work and if I'm going to brag about it anywhere it's going to be here, right?! And Isaac is seriously just continuing to blow us away with his crazy hard work and his awesome creativity; he has 100 percents in every subject and his teacher keeps emphasizing how incredibly gifted he is beyond what she has normally seen in 28 years of teaching and in teaching the high-ability class since its inception. I went in for Luke's conference yesterday and his teacher was like, "Well, um, here are his test scores, and I guess there's not really anything to say because he's so high above grade level...he's a really awesome kid." He's reading at a third-grade level now (at least--I'm not 100% positive because the third-grade stuff is really easy for him still) and I keep having to pull him back to the kindergarten and first grade math stuff just to make sure we've covered all our bases before we move on!

Email snippet:
"We just wrapped up the third quarter--only 9 more weeks to go until the kids are done with school! I'm super proud of all of them; everyone had straight A's this quarter, and we've had a lurking B bounce back and forth between two of the kids in the previous 2 quarters, so this represents some really diligent work from the girls on some specific targeted areas--"slow down and do your best work" is somewhat of a mantra around here these days! Luke's teacher has requested that he stay full-day over the next nine weeks, and I have mixed feelings about that, so we'll see. He definitely doesn't need it academically (he's at a third-grade reading level now and he's halfway through the first grade math stuff), and I'm not super convinced that he needs it socially, so that's going to be a big decision to make this week (I don't really love his teacher--she's nice, but just sort of okay and not very motivated). Abigail has her spring band concert tomorrow night and we're counting down the next two weeks until baseball (Isaac), T-ball (Luke), and softball (Abigail) start! Juliet has really been loving Girls on the Run and I'm so glad that she can participate in that this year! Matthew is greatly enjoying solid foods (peas, not so much, green smoothies mixed with oatmeal YES!!!) and is just on the cusp of being able to sit independently. He's getting pretty good at rolling and inch-worming to get to where he wants to go, and his fan club is as adoring as ever, especially when it's time to get him dressed--it reminds me so much of when Elise and Rosalind would beg to get baby Abigail into her sleeper!"

 In other news we were sick for three weeks straight; it totally stunk.


Can't believe this guy is almost six months old!!! He is trying SO hard to crawl. Just an absolute bundle of sunshine.

 Instagram caption for this image: "

There are two "best parts" to my day--reading stories with the children is the first, but the second is working with the "dinner helper" every night as we cook dinner together. These days we are reaping the rewards of a lot of patient training with our dinner jobs and it is amazing. Last night we got home from clarinet lessons and track practice with a hungry baby and no dinner prepped beforehand. I went to nurse Matthew while Abigail made dinner (broiled lime tilapia, steamed broccoli, and fresh plums). Luke set the table, and after dinner Juliet washed all the dishes while Isaac wiped the table and swept the floor...with no complaints from a single one of them. It's taken SO much effort to make this happen--but you guys, it was worth the effort. I may yet turn this horde into a bunch of functional adults!! (Now excuse me while I go tell my boys to hose the mud off themselves before dinner.)"

Seriously, these kids are pretty awesome. I was telling Neil last night (since he was gone again) that Isaac took forever eating dinner so he ended up doing dishes up until right before bedtime, and the little boys were doing something he really wanted to join in on, and he just kept right on with the dishes and said once, "Mom, I'd sure like to be with the boys, but I know this is the consequence because I took so long eating and now I need to do my dinner job when everyone else has free time." Aaaahhhh it is clicking!! I have to remember this for Nathan because he's driving me nuts lately and never ever listens to me. It will come!

But meanwhile Nathan is still pretty cute with his "struction vehicles" and his play-doh mess--he could seriously sit here all day listening to Classical Kids and driving his trucks around.

The other day we tried to scientifically figure out who has the longest eyelashes--pretty sure it's Nathan but it might be Isaac. It's close.

Matthew has discovered his toes and he loves them greatly.

 Contemplative little boys on a walk last week...

 And then a random snowy day!!!

Boys snuggling together yesterday morning after all the biggies left for the day

 And Abigail's band concert a few nights back--did I get a good shot of the band? Nope.

We actually weren't planning to take everyone to this because it was pretty late, but when I said something about Abigail getting ready to leave everyone was like WHAT WE ARE COMING IT IS MUSIC AND WE LOVE IT. And then they sat there raptly listening (well, Juliet had a really good book so she read) through the whole thing. I took the littlest boys home about five minutes before it ended so we wouldn't get stuck in traffic (or get rear-ended like the last concert) and Neil said a guy asked him if those were all his kids, and then said they were the most well-behaved children he'd ever seen. So that was nice to hear! (Because usually they're not.)

My fat-faced little lovey and his sticky-out ears.

 And I can't even tell you how much joy and peace of mind those chunky thighs bring me after Nathan!!!

And now he's REALLY howling so that's me over and out.


Elise Gray said...

so so chunky! and i think that Luke's hot chocolate face might be the most quintessential snow day face ever.

Neil said...

I never saw those pictures of Matthew with the wigs! He looks hilarious.

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