I am really passionate about good food.  By that I mean food that is incredibly roll-your-eyes-in-delight tasty, is primarily plant-based, and is as close to its natural form as possible. I love cooking, and making dinner is one of the highlights of my day--it's a real creative outlet for me.  We grow a big garden every year, and I'm so excited for graduation and a more permanent growing spot (fruit trees!  asparagus trenches!)  One of the things I am most grateful for as a parent is that my children prefer fruits, vegetables, and whole grains to anything else--and I firmly believe that all children can be the same way! 

I maintain a separate food blog, but you'll find plenty of pictures and talk about food here as well--especially during the summer when my garden goes wild!  If you'd like to learn more about some of our food rationale, go here or here
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