Wednesday, August 03, 2016

Other July photos from Facebook I forgot about


More unabashed Facebook-photo-reposting--I really do need to email myself some pictures from my iPad.

A few weeks ago we drove up to Lake Michigan for the day to spend some time with my family--Mary Beth came over from Chicago and we got to spend a day with Rosalind and Chris before they left for Hong Kong--for a year! It was so fun to see them one last time and spend the day on the beach huddled in towels and sweatshirts eating too many Oreos. As we do. :-) Apparently it was too cold to take photos because I think this is one my mom texted me? I didn't take any photos. You would think I would remember to do that, but...huddled in towels.

Speaking of my mom texting me photos, these are also from her--the weekend before that we met up in Chicago and stayed at Mary Beth's for a night. It was so fun to get a quick dose of really concentrated Mary Beth & Mom time--we spent the day Saturday at the botanical gardens and they were absolutely beautiful!!! 

For a few days my kids were REALLY into painting watercolor dragons. I have about 8000 watercolors of dragons in stacks around my house, because we are not allowed to throw any of them away because they are all unique and different. 

And the top of my 'fridge is home to several Play-Doh dragons which have been drying up there for weeks--I think they are destined to be painted with watercolors.

 Everyone is really into reading on the trampoline. I'm not exactly sure what the allure is--maybe just the feeling of sun baking into your skin while you immerse yourself in a good book?

There was one week where we made jam three times. THREE TIMES. I think it ended up between something like 23 different batches, which is probably why I stopped reading instructions and ended up with cherry syrup. 

I need to do peaches in the next couple of weeks, which are absolutely my least favorite thing ever to can. (Applesauce is my favorite.) But we looooove canned peaches, especially atop our waffles in January. Tastes like summer sunshine and every year I dread the peach-canning days and every winter I'm so glad I stuck it out again.

Nathan eats at least 2 popsicles every afternoon--it's his little ritual. He knows that as soon as the treadmill turns off that it's popsicle time. I really could care less about popsicles but the kids have inherited Neil's obsession with them and so we usually go through 4-5 boxes a week. I'm actually quite proud of the fact that we have a freezer full of really cool popsicles. It's something very easy to do that makes my kids think I'm an awesome mom. If only the rest of it were that simple, right?

Also--Nathan is super particular about dressing himself these days and likes to wear everything backwards. Everything. He also only likes "soft shorts" and prefers his underwear inside out as well as backwards. I'm actually really surprised that his shirt is on correctly in this photo--today I saw him take his rashguard swim top and his trunks off so he could turn the trunks around backwards and turn the top inside out and backwards before putting it back on. Funny guy. At least he gets dressed every morning which means he's one up on all his siblings...and me. (Basically this summer I am living in two skirts, running shorts, my swimsuit, and my favorite pair of stretchy pajama pants.)

A random Sunday dinner that I photographed. Nothing particularly special about it, but I just wanted a quick snap of all those darling people that I love so much! 

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