Monday, August 22, 2016

Beach day

During the first week of August, my friend Andrea texted my friend Melanie and me on our little group text that we always have going. She was driving home from Idaho with her family and wanted to know if we could all meet up at the beach that weekend! (First of all--can I tell you how much I love these girls? Andrea is the kind of person who is SO on top of it all that she could conceive this idea at the end of a 20-hr drive after a month away from home and actually make it happen, and Melanie is the kind of girl who says, oh sure, a 7-hr drive to see you for a few hours? Absolutely!)

It had been 2 years since all of us were together at Thanksgiving, and an entire year since I've seen Andrea (we visited Melanie's family just a few months ago on our way to Utah and also got to see them in March), and I was SOOOO excited for all of us to be together again!! These two ladies are some of my very very dearest friends ever and I am so glad that we have kept this friendship going long after we no longer live within walking distance of each other!

Anyway--we had the most perfect day together that Saturday. Andrea's family and mine met up at my parents' house (they were in Utah at the time but generously let us stay there!) and we talked waaay too late into the night after getting all the kids to bed. The next morning we met up with Melanie's family at the beach. 

Love these cute girls! Some of Juliet's very best friends in the world. :-)

And I will let the pictures speak for themselves. 

I could have used another week of talking with these girls. We're already working on planning that. :-)

It was absolute heaven--we had beautiful weather, the kids were SO thrilled to see each other, the waves were perfect--the adults took turns trading off between wave-jumping with kids and hanging out on the beach with kids. Just absolutely blissful and idyllic. 

I loved seeing Neil get a chance to chat with his buddies again--he and Tyler worked together for years and always have lots of catching up to do. :-) 

Andrea's family left a little earlier--all of those great photos previously in the post were hers. :-)  We snapped a few quick ones of the kids as Melanie's family was packing up. 

Windblown and in love. :-)  And very pregnant. 

One last one with Melanie! 

And our boys--Luke was SO tired by this point, haha!

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