About Me

Welcome to my blog!  This is the chronicle of my life--children, cooking, gardening, reading, running, you name it.

A little bit about me:  Six delightful children who fill my days with swingsets, stories, and scrubbing (lots).  A master's degree in American Lit and a side job teaching (24/7 job: mothering). A husband who's working on a Ph.D. in mechanical engineering (yes, we are those nerdy people).

Things I'm passionate about:
My garden.  Reading to the kids (and not having a TV).  Eating a plant-based whole-foods diet.  Really, really, really, really tasty food.  Running.  Making my bed.  Downhill skiing.  Reading way past my bedtime (not exactly passionate about the fact that I do this, but it happens every.single.day).

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