Thursday, September 04, 2008


Yesterday I took my camera with me to take pictures of my classes (it's way easier to learn names if I have the students write their name on the board and stand under it while I take a picture. Sounds kinda weird, but it works really well).

Since I had my camera with me, I thought I'd document a little of the things that I'm usually looking at on Wednesdays...

First off, here's a few shots of campus. I think BYU's grounds are much prettier than the university here (and remember, I'm trying to keep our location a bit nebulous, so if you know the particular university please don't say anything in the comments!), but the buildings are really beautiful. Just about every building is built out of red brick, so there's a real cohesiveness on campus, especially since many of the buildings are well over a century old. The Union building, in particular, has a very cathedral-like feeling to its entrance--think Hogwarts on a small scale.

The girls love to play in this fountain on warm sunny days.

Some more buildings (we're only getting a small selection of what I see on my walk between classes)...

Then I finish teaching and go off to find this handsome dude and kiss him a few times.

On this particular Wednesday, we didn't have any playdates scheduled or pressing tasks to accomplish, so we went to the "little library" for storytime (not to be confused with my personal favorite storytime on Fridays at a different library, but Abigail really likes this library because it's small. It's a branch of the main county library).

And here we are at storytime.

The interesting thing about going to storytime with my kids is that they have no actual interest in the stories. They just want to be there while they occupy themselves doing some else.

For instance, Abigail never listens to the stories the librarian reads. Instead, she looks at books by herself.

And Juliet alternates between chewing on everything in my purse...

...and running around the room. One interesting thing about her is that she's totally fearless in terms of taking off. Abigail has always been pretty careful to stay close to me; Juliet is a complete opposite. If you take your eyes off her for a, she is gone.
But she's so adorable while she's contemplating her next escape.

And there you have it.


Kritta22 said...

You have such beautiful girls! Nice work!

Crapos said...

I'm jealous. No car = no library.

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