Tuesday, March 13, 2012

10 months

Time is flying!  And Luke is doing his best to fly along with it.  I snapped this photo of him while we were in Chicago this weekend (temple, IKEA, Lincoln Park Zoo, swimming at the hotel, and a quick stop at our favorite Thai place).  He was a little bemused by the wind in his hair but very excited for his first adventure with miniature Goldfish crackers.

It's interesting to me how much Luke reminds me of Juliet at this age.  Not only do they look very similar (they both have my eyes and hair; Luke's is starting to turn into little downy waves and curls, and he and Jules have the exact same hairline) but their personalities are so alike!  (And, unfortunately, neither of them are fabulous sleepers.)  Just like Jooj, Luke has been incredibly mobile and constantly amazes us with how quickly he can vanish and reappear--if you open the 'fridge, he's sure to zoom in, pull up, and start helping himself to whatever looks tasty on the top shelves.  He has his favorite toys and he's very particular--and VERY loud!--when Isaac takes them away (he and Isaac have an interesting relationship right now.  Interesting meaning I hear "NO YOOKEY NO," then an outraged baby yell, approximately every thirty seconds.  Luke has discovered that he can just crawl right over the top of Isaac to get the coveted toy; Isaac has discovered that he can whack Luke with the toy and make him back off.  All kinds of awesome).  And like all of my children, he is so incredibly in love with his blanket--if you dangle it temptingly across the room he will crawl towards it as fast as possible, pull it down out of your hands, bury his face in it, and roll around until he is completely encased in blanket.  Then he will look up at you with a mouthful of fringes and smile happily.

I introduced a cup a week or so ago--Luke is starting to catch on to both the fact that he can get water out of the cup into his mouth and (way more fun) he can bang his cup on his tray, squirt out water, and make Juliet and Isaac scream when the water hits them.  He's cut another tooth (he's up to 7 now, I think, but I'm not very good at checking) and he's over his horrible ear infection, which means he is once again the sweetest smiliest little chap.  When he gets excited, he either sticks out his tongue or--when he is REALLY excited--bites his hand and giggles.  It's the cutest thing.   I love going in to pick him up after his naps because he is so good at making me feel delightfully loved--my entrance into his room is the most exciting thing ever, and he greets me with a loud  "Mamamama!" and squirms around in my arms to smile happily up in my face and wiggle in delight.  And then I have to kiss his fat cheeks about a million times and make him giggle some more.


Anonymous said...

Adorable post about sweet Luke! He is so cute!

I tried to post on your running blog but had no luck getting my comment to post there so here it is...

Think about taking a month off from running so your knee can really heal without constantly being pounded by running. PT is okay but really giving your knee a rest will do more than any exercises assigned by a pro. You really need to listen to what your body is telling you with the pain. Walk on the treadmill for a month and don't think about training for a while. I worry you will ruin your knee permanently and then you won't be able to do much exercise at all. You have your whole life ahead of you for competitive running if you love it so much. Enjoy your wonderful, young life.

Aunt Pam

Elise said...

Great post!!! I'm excited to see them all again and to see how Lukey's personality is developing! Thanks so much for giving such a great, detailed post!

Rosalind said...

I loved this post. It helped me take a step back from my day and realize that even though it is sometimes stressful, life is also good. I love you and your family, and I miss you very much. Kiss Luke's cheeks for me!!

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