Thursday, March 01, 2012

after school the crazy time.  An hour ago everyone was at school, sleeping peacefully, or content with puzzles and books, and suddenly the kitchen explodes with snacks and paints and scissors and crayons and "mommycanidothis?"

Some days the mess and the noise and the chaos drive me crazy, but some days (usually the days I got a good run in) I embrace it and we go all out and get out the tiny little party set and bake miniscule cranberry-walnut muffins and have ourselves a merry time.  
 Isaac insisted that I take a picture of him in this hoodie.  "Mommy!  Look!  My sirt it hab POHDITS!  My hands go all dah way frew!"

Last week one of my friends gave us their enormous stash of Lincoln Logs--I think ours was like 1/5 the size of this ginormous bucket.  Ever since, we've been competing to see if we can top our previous enormous Lincoln Log fort.  The kids and I were getting super into it the other day (my favorite part was when Abigail stared worriedly at the buildings and said, "I just have this feeling like we're forgetting something...something very important--oh, I know!  A GARDEN!  Silly me!"  It was awesome and I totally started laughing and then she got annoyed.

Anyway...we put Luke in the bucket so he would stop knocking things over.  Good times.
 We actually did take advantage of Luke's smashing prowess (no pun intended) last Friday night--we had "family party" and came up with all these weird competitions (pictured below:  "Who Can Stand on Daddy's Back the Longest?"  That one was very popular).  One of my favorites:  who can build the tallest house before Luke smashes it?  No dissuasion or persuasion allowed!  So much fun, such a good night.  The kids have been asking to repeat it every night since so I think it's going to become a Friday night tradition.  Especially the part where they run across the living room and Neil fires pillows at them to knock them over--that game scares me to death but they L.O.V.E. it.  The best part was when they had a whispered conference in the kitchen, then they all ran out and ran around until Neil had thrown all the pillows, and then they scooped them all up, deposited the pillows in the kitchen, and ran out en masse to tackle Neil.


Meghan said...

Looks like Isaac needs a dino-hoodie. Fun, fun times.

Elise said...

such a fun, fun post! i wish i could see you guys all play these fun game! (and i laughed out loud at Abigail's thoughts about the garden)

Emily Anne said...

jealous of your lincoln log collection - such fun!
love your translation of isaac-speak...perfect.


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