Thursday, January 17, 2013

A house for boys

I come from a family of five sisters, no brothers.  (Getting married was quite the adjustment!)  When our first two children were girls, it just seemed so normal to me to have lots of little girlie things around.  Now that our third boy in a row will be arriving in a few months, our house is definitely starting to shift towards the masculine.  The Barbies never make it out of their storage bin these days, and the floor is always littered with trains and Hot Wheels.  We spend a lot of time reading stories about backhoes and dinosaurs.  Isaac has very technical conversations with me about "but how does it wuhk, Mommy?!"

Mornings with the boys are my favorite parts of the day.  These two are so calm, so happy-go-lucky, so contented by a bowl of apples & raisins while we snuggle up to read stories.  I didn't appreciate this time nearly enough when the girls were younger--I was so focused on looking forward to the end of potty-training and things like that.  Now that things are more hectic when the girls are home, the mornings seem so placid and unhurried (and never fear, I'm trying to soak up the relatively calm evenings we have as a family...they seem crazy now, but I know I'll look back on them fondly in another ten years when we're trying to wedge family dinner in between everyone's after-school commitments).  And I'm trying to build in more of this peaceful time when the girls and Neil ARE home, but that's another post.  (Fortunately I can replicate a somewhat similar time in the afternoons when Jules is home and Luke is asleep, and Abigail accompanies me on a lot of evening errands.)

Yesterday and today I took some photos of our normal days at home--those lovely mornings when we don't have any commitments and we can just hang out, doing cool things like taking baths in Mommy & Daddy's giant tub, building endless train tracks, etc.

One of the things I love about Isaac is his affection for button-down shirts as weekday wear.  He LOVES them.  Especially with khakis, and he usually tucks his shirt into his pants.  It just looks so funny and cute, and it's a total Isaac thing that I adore.

The girls have outgrown this kitchen (and never played as much with it as I thought they would) but in the last week it has become Luke's very favorite toy.  He keeps bringing me all kinds of delicacies like onion-and-egg soup.

Here he's baking bread...

On Tuesdays and Thursdays, we always do yoga.  These two never fail to make me smile, especially when Luke checks to see if I'm watching him, overbalances, and topples over.  

Sometimes we have friends over...

...but usually it's just the three of us.  One thing we always do every single day, without fail, is build a nest and curl up together with a giant pile of books, everyone's blankie, and a snack.  It is my very favorite.
 So much fun with my two little buddies!

One thing that is scary rather than fun is how quickly Luke continues to master skills that seem way beyond him.  Yesterday Luke figured out how to open the front door.  Today I left the kitchen for less than 20 seconds to start some music for Isaac, and in that time Luke pushed a chair over to the stove and started stirring dinner.  YIKES!  (He threw the king of all temper tantrums when I pried his spoon out of his fingers and took away his chair.)

And today I gave both boys (and Neil) a much needed-haircut.  I was so torn about cropping Luke's fluffy locks, but the fact is, I'm not a sufficiently talented stylist to trim the sides and keep the delightful length on top without giving him the equivalent of a bowl cut.

So now my little blonde baby is a brown-haired big boy.  Sniff, sniff!  (He still looks blonde in these pictures, but it's just the light.)  He looks SO much like Isaac now!!


Elise said...

wow! they are so grown up! and Isaac is so dashing in his button down shirts and khakis. I love it!

Anonymous said...

Adorable post and pictures!!!!!!!!
Love, Aunt Pam

Rosalind said...

So cute! ...but question! What are you going to do about Luke's precocious skills? Will he be able to do some of those "big kid" things sooner, or are you going to make him wait anyway? ...especially concerning the stove. If he knew how to stir a pan of food before the other kids, does that mean that he also knows it is hot, and can burn him? Just curious ;)

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