Tuesday, January 22, 2013

pictures that make me smile

 Last weekend the children and I went to the Children's Museum with some friends.  The girls were there too, but I didn't have my camera out too much, and what shots I did get were mostly blurred as everyone darted from one section of an exhibit to the next.

But I did snap some good pictures of the boys.  Isaac loves the carousel...

...but Luke isn't quite sure how he feels about it.

We hit the Egyptian exhibit at the very end of the day, and Isaac decided that the Sphinx looked like a good place for a rest.  And his Emma decided that he looked like a good place for a rest!  (another cute one here). A little background:  Emma is the younger sister of one of Isaac's good friends.  But while Isaac and Adam are good pals, Isaac absolutely adores Emma, and the feeling seems to be mutual.  Whenever the two of them are together, you can generally find Isaac in Emma's general vicinity either offering her a toy or snuggling up with her on the couch with his arm around her shoulder, showing her a toy.  He talks about her ALL THE TIME.  It will be interesting to see if they reunite at college in another 18 years.  :-)
 Luke is totally done being the third wheel here.

 I walked past the library while Neil and I were making dinner on Sunday and saw all my little bookworms happily bundled up together.

 And after dinner on Sunday, when we were using our piping-hot baguettes to busily mop up some black currant balsamic + extra virgin olive oil.  We may or may not have come up with a family chant that involves our last name and our general love of baguettes.

Isaac seems to end every meal sitting on the table...

Abigail is doing this ENORMOUS project on France right now (I was so happy she picked France, because part of the project involves cooking something from that country to share at the parent night. But a little sad for her, because she thought that by picking France, she would get to go on a field trip there and she came home and told me, "Mom!  I picked France and YOU CAN COME!  Let's go before the baby is born!!"  I tried to explain that it was an imaginary trip, and she was so sad...ever since she was four she's been asking me when I will take her to Paris so we can sit below the Eiffel Tower and eat baguettes and Brie).

Anyway, she put on my beret and posed with this baguette because we thought it would make a cool addition to her project.  We snapped about ten pictures and this was her favorite because she looked so happy with the baguette.  Funny kid.

Awhile back Abigail gave Isaac her Barbie sunglasses, and he has been wearing them all. the. time.
 Like seriously, all the time.

Sunglasses are an important part of his garlic-peeling arsenal.

Today we had the sister missionaries over for dinner.  I was a little stressed because Neil left for work very early this morning and won't be home until midnight or so, and I was trying to get dinner ready and get the house picked up, and Luke was all crazy because he has the Cold of Death and wanted to be held.  So sweet Jooj stepped in and got him all snuggled up with her and read him stories until dinner.
 And I don't have any photos, but Abigail did the same thing after dinner while I was washing the dishes.
 But I did take this cute one of her snuggled up in the other papasan enjoying her favorite time of the day--reading time!

Abigail and I made a deal (she was not happy about this, so I use the term "deal" sort of...loosely) that for every book of her choice that she reads, she then has to read one of my choice.  This is my sneaky way of getting her to read new series, because she tends to fixate on a set of books and doesn't want to read anything new because she's afraid she'll hate it and thus waste her reading time (I can understand that).  Right now she's reading The Lightning Thief, which was my choice, based on her obsession with Greek mythology.  Which means that we spent most of dinner today dissecting the Greek pantheon, with occasional interjections from the younger children, since we've been reading D'Auliare's Greek Myths aloud in the evenings (highly recommend that one).

And last but not least, Isaac dancing to his favorite Grooveshark mix as he bids farewell to the day.  Sunglasses at night.

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Melanie said...

Aww! These pictures make me smile, too! Such happy days...

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