Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Random photos from winter break

 There are a few assorted photos that I still need to post in order to be all caught up, so here goes!
 Lately, Luke has decided that he is a Big Kid.  One who does not sit in high chairs or wear bibs.  This has been interesting, to say the least, since he has not acquired Big Kid skills of feeding himself without smearing food all over his clothing and hair.  Oh boy.
 On New Year's Eve, we got together with some good friends.  Our children always play incredibly well together, and so I was looking forward to an evening of adult conversation, games, and yummy food while the children played quietly in another room.  As I should have expected, the children were all like, "HEY!  THIS LOOKS LIKE FUN!  WE SIT ON LAPS!"  (Actually, they were pretty good, but we did eventually put a movie on the computer for the children when it hit their bedtimes and we were not ready to call it a night.)

 Above:  my dear friend Melanie and her cute daughter Leah showing off the super-delicious truffles they made

Below:  Juliet regards the vast spread of food (which we barely dented) and thoughtfully selects a toothpick instead
 And below again--this is a kind of weird picture in terms of lighting and whatnot, but Abigail's expression?  What's up with that?  Had to post it.

 One of the gifts we gave the children this year was a giant box full of crafting supplies.  They spent a lot of joyous time over the break with that box...
 ...some more successfully than others.

Another good friend from our ward is one of Isaac's very favorite people on the planet.  Whenever he comes over, Isaac will run to him, leap into his arms, and rub his beard.  When our friend shaved off his beard for job interviews, he came over halfway through to see what Isaac had to say about it.  I love Isaac's face in this picture--he is so unsure about the whole thing!  Initially, Isaac gave him the customary giant hug and then saw his face and sort of slowly backed away and hid in a chair and just peeked over the edge in bewilderment and consternation.

And last but not least, I took this photo of the boys the morning we were getting ready to go to Michigan.  Neil and I were racing to get ready and the two of them cuddled up in our bed and Isaac "read" a book to Lukey.  Love those two.


Ruth said...

So cute! I love all the pictures, but especially the last one with your old pillowcase peaking out! :) Also, Juliet's stripes are tres chic!

Melanie said...

Ha! These pictures are great! I love Abigail's pose and her sarong- what a great night!

And Emma is refusing to sit in her high chair, too! What is up with these babies who think they can express their opinions!?

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