Thursday, January 10, 2013

drops of awesome

So like many of you, I read and loved this article  that's been circulating around the last week or so.  Today was a really rough day, and I kept castigating myself for things that I had done/was not doing (like believing Abigail when she said she felt well enough to go to school, and then going to pick her up from school 15 minutes after classes started.  Or skipping yoga today in favor of taking a nap, or any one of another 25 inadequacies I could list, but that's not the point).  The actual point is, today was one of those long grueling days (3 sick kids and a back that's been causing me so much pain the last couple of days that I can't pick up toys) where I felt like I was doing nothing worthwhile.  But I did, because I... 
  • disinfected and mopped the kitchen floor
  • vacuumed the house (twice--because the hose was clogged the first time)
  • made my bed (twice--because Isaac romped across it without his underwear on and um, then I had to wash my sheets and remake the whole thing)
  • strategically routed myself so that I returned all the library books, dropped off a package at the UPS store, and picked up Abigail's antibiotics all in one quick trip
  • read tons of stories to the kids--four separate storytimes throughout the day
  • built endless variations of Marble Run to entertain the boys
  • snuggled with each child at some point during the day
  • made, served, and cleaned up three nutritious and quite tasty meals 
  • disinfected my entire kitchen. again.
  • helped Abigail get through an entire day's schoolwork at home 
  • helped Jules do all of her regular home-schooling work 
  • repaired the torn tassel on Abigail's favorite hat
  • made arrangements with the pediatrician to get antibiotics without having to drag my super-sick children all the way to the office
  • quietly entertained the three youngest children so that Abigail could take a two-hour nap at the noisiest point in the day
  • made arrangements with all of Abigail's teachers to get her schoolwork for the next few days
  • held family scripture study/morning and evening family prayer
  • gave everyone their vitamins and antibiotics on the appropriate schedule
  • ran 3 loads of laundry and managed to get everything put away
  • made sure everyone got a bath and brushed their teeth before bed
  • took a nap when my back felt like it was going to break
  • cleaned the kids' bathroom
  • held down the fort at home so that Neil could spend 13 hours at work (and counting, since he's still there)
  • miraculously kept my cool when I found all of the kids piled into the boys' room in a HUGE pile of all of our throw pillows at 9 pm (thank you, baby monitor)


Mary Beth said...

You are AMAZING.

I would be wiped out on the floor after item 3. I am so proud of you for taking time for your kids AND for yourself--your body needed that nap more than it needed yoga. Look after yourself as well as you look after the munchkins!

Anonymous said...

I wish I were there to help you with all that stuff and to send you to your room to rest. I am glad you took a nap. Do that more often! Love, Aunt Pam

Meghan said...

Not sure I agree with your premise that postponing/canceling some activities equals personal inadequacies. They are just things you do, not who you are.

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