Tuesday, August 02, 2011


Last week we left for Michigan at 5 am in pursuit of a van with air-conditioning.  This has been a long and disheartening quest--we've had a guy looking at auctions for us for the last 10 weeks--and we finally decided to just bite the bullet and allocate a long weekend for shopping around, and we would come home with a car of some sort.  Wouldn't you know it,  all the cars we were interested in sold?  And we found ourselves trying to decide between overpriced, dirty, high-mileage options.  So depressing.  We were in the midst of this when we got a magical call and the auction guy had bought a car minutes before, right smack in the middle of our price range, with 30,000 less miles and dozens more options than everything else we'd seen.  So grateful.  So thankful.  (So suddenly addicted to the magic of power doors.)   We ended up trading in our old van (which my parents gave us a few years ago, and which was really great for us until the transmission went out...and then the brakes, struts, and AC all in one weekend, which happened to be the weekend Luke was born.  I think my mom was even happier to see that van go than I was!) 

The kids were so ecstatic--it's been incredibly hot here this summer, and Abigail asked me when we were leaving, "Can we have the air conditioning on while we drive home?"  and when I said yes, she asked, " Can we have it on driving around when we get home?" and when she got a second affirmative, her eyes got really huge and she whispered, "Mommy...can we have air conditioning on in the car whenever we want?"  Boy howdy, have we been cranking up that AC!

Anyway, our quick car-buying left us with a couple of free days!  Hurray!  My grandparents took us out for a delightful birthday lunch on Friday, and then I just generally had fun hanging out with my family that day--some shopping with my mom, and lots of talking with my little sister Rosalind (I may or may not have spent a few hours trying on her dresses.  Including her really gorgeous prom dress). 

And then on Saturday we went to the beach.  It was the most perfect beach day--hardly anyone was there, and the weather was gorgeous.  I spent just enough time swimming, just enough time building sand castles, and just enough time lounging in the shade with my two little boys (Isaac was definitely NOT a fan of the water or the sand, but he was all about the snacks). 

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Mary Beth said...

Isaac looks like the most adorable little old man in that last picture, with his Hawaiian shirt and his little belly poking through. What a marvelous day! I'm so glad your car-buying adventures worked out so well. Enjoy that A.C. :)

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