Thursday, January 12, 2012

Luke is 8 months

 Poor Luke.  The only way he gets an 8-month post is by his mother frantically taking pictures when he is tired and wants to nap, and then frantically typing while he yells indignantly in his bed.  (In my defense, he should be sleeping for another hour and I'm hoping he goes back to sleep...)

In any case, Lukey is 8 months old now!  He can crawl, he can get into a sitting position from crawling and back again, he's starting to think about pulling himself up on things (he crawls over to something and reaches up with his arms and then changes his mind), he can feed himself all kinds of things like crackers and bread and eggs and beans and peas and quesadillas--basically anything he can pick up--and he's starting to babble "mamama" and "dadada" when he is grumpy and wants someone to hold him.  And he's starting to get attached to certain toys or objects and objects LOUDLY when they are taken away.  He loves loves loves his fringed blanket and rubs his face against it when he's tired and crawls over to happily bite it when he's happy.  And he makes the cutest little baby trills and gurgles when he is in a good mood (actually he's switching to those right now which means he won't go back to sleep, free time is up.)

Generally he's a sunshiny happy little baby.  And we are working--still working--oh how we are working--on sleep schedules.  He's doing WAY better at night but naps are still not where I'd like them to be!

I love this picture set.  You can see his progression from "Mommy put me down and I am tired of crawling around" to "hey, Mommy is holding me again and flying me in the air and I'm happy!"

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Elise said...

he already looks so much older! more hair, maybe?

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