Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Remember how I said I used to love my treadmill?  Remember how if you emailed me I said you should buy one from Smooth Fitness?  Remember how it caught on fire?

Don't waste your money.

I talked with the customer service manager today, after spending most of the day trying to get in touch with SOMEONE.  Worst hold music EVER.  And she told me the following:

1) My treadmill is not designed for running (nobody told me this when I bought it, nor does it explain this in the accompany warranty information).

2) I am an "avid user" because I use my treadmill more than 1 hour a week, which is what it's engineered for.  I said, "If I buy a treadmill, I'm going to use it."  She said, "We don't know our customer's intentions." !!!!!

3) She offered to give me a $20 discount on the $370 part I need to fix it.  When I laughed at that, she got angry, and then offered to sell me a new deck and belt for $200 (note: the deck is covered by a lifetime warranty so why should I pay for it?) because my old ones would probably just kill the motor again.  Note:  there is no sign of wear on either.  Then when I refused this, she offered to take $100 off the price of a new treadmill, because, you know, THAT HELPS SO MUCH when we're talking a couple thousand bucks for a new treadmill when mine is "really old" at the age of four years ("frankly," she said, "I'm surprised yours was still running this long.")  Then when I turned that down, she offered me 12 months of financing.  I know she was trying to be helpful, but...she wasn't.  At all.

4) the fact that my treadmill caught on fire, melted the capacitors, blew two resistors, all the fuses, and an unidentifiable something else which is why I am calling them in the first place--and then threw me off--and the emergency stop key didn't work?--she totally ignored and avoided that.

I AM SO MAD.  SO MAD.  SO VERY VERY MAD.  I am spamming the internet with my anger.  I loved my treadmill while it worked, but really, is it unreasonable to expect that if I spend $1000 I can run on something for more than 1 hour a week for a couple of years?  Seriously?

If you feel so inclined, check out Smooth Fitness on Facebook and you can leave a comment on my rant there.  I fully intend to use all the resources at my disposal, my dear friends, if you would like to be a disposable resource (wait, that didn't sound quite right...)

And the mournful sad question that I have been trying to avoid thinking about...what do I do now?  You all know how much I depend on running.  I am so desolated and disheartened and miserable thinking about this, because I really don't want to spend the $$ for a new treadmill, especially since who knows how long it would last.  I mean, a gym membership at the university for the last four years would have cost me less than $400 instead of the $1000 for the treadmill.  And yes, I know I can run outside, but it's January, my friends, and there isn't much daylight when there's another adult around to watch my chickies.

I went for a run tonight and pretty much tried to run my guts out for 6.22 miles of hills because I was so upset and it didn't work.  I still came home sad and shaking and angry.


Ruth said...

So sorry!! But on the bright side I received an awesome crepe maker yesterday! Thanks for being so thoughtful. Too bad you can't just come over and make some with me.

aLi said...

Oh my. I'm not smart with legal stuff... but you could've been seriously hurt when you fell... is this lawsuit material?
I'm so sorry this has become horrendous.
I hate it when runs to get anger out aren't successful. Oh so sorry Rachael.

Kim Davis said...

AH! I don't want to hear this...We just bought a SMOOTH Fitness treadmill. Did you try calling back and getting a different customer service rep? Sometime that makes a difference. I've done that before with Comcast and what not. I just hang up when they are being unreasonable and redial....and it's worked like a charm. Good luck!

Tia said...

I agree with Kim, try another rep. If that doesn't work, try small claims court. It is really cheap to file (like $35). One hour PER WEEK? That's crazy! So basically you'll be fine if you never use it???

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