Monday, September 13, 2010

Chicago getaway

This weekend our children spent the night at the home of some close friends, and Neil and I had our first ever stay-the-night-somewhere-without-kids.  (We did do this once a couple of years ago, but we stayed at home and just relished the quiet!)

This time, we headed up to Chicago.  It was a lovely 28 hours away--we ate at some amazing restaurants, went to the temple, ran 10 miles along the beach at 10 PM (which just seems like crazy talk in parenting mode!), and did some shopping and strolling.  It was so nice to focus on each other and eat meals without persuading someone to take a bite, or worrying about nap schedules or navigating with strollers or the like.  I love my children, but I love my husband more.  It was great to give him 100% of my attention and have him focused on me the same way.

Afterwards, we both agreed that our favorite part of the trip was our beach run.  You can read more about that here.

image--because we were having too much fun to remember about the camera ourselves.  Oops.

PS--In some ways, this trip made returning to "real life" really hard.  I reread this post and it sounded like yet another "my life is great, blah blah" kind of thing.  The reality is that five minutes after we came home, I wanted to put everyone in bed and just leave.  I spent most of Sunday either crying or yelling. This too shall pass, I know, but it seems like we're stuck in a power-struggle rut. I'm not sure why I'm babbling about this, but I think sometimes blogging makes life appear too perfect. 


Ruth said...

Yay that looks so fun! Your post also made me appreciate that Jordan and I got to have a little adventure of our own this summer just by ourselves too. Glad that you got to visit Chicago. It's such a fun city.

Neil said...

Despite what they say, it wasn't that windy.

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