Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Putting it all back together

Today is a recovery day.  We had a really awesome weekend, but I kind of crashed yesterday.  I was in bed before the kids--I vaguely remember Abigail and Juliet talking to me through a sleepy fog, but I was so wiped out!

Here's what we did over the holiday weekend:

  • Ran 17.5 miles
  • Went to the zoo...
  • ...and the playground
  • Processed 140 lbs of apples into 40 quarts of applesauce, 8 pints of apple chutney, and 4 pints of cranberry-apple relish
  • Ripped out part of the garden
  • Cleaned out the garage
  • Froze 28 cups of chopped bell peppers
  • Spent two hours grading student essays
And Neil worked all day Monday. 

Today I'm trying to catch up on everything else--the house is kind of a wreck, for one.  And Jooj has this crazy stinky ear that we're going to get checked out at the doctor's today.  Honestly, I'm feeling really overwhelmed (so what do I do?  Sit down and blog!).  I'm just hoping I can accomplish the majority of what I need to do.  I slept through my morning run, so I have to wedge that in somewhere today (I'm on week 7 of half-marathon training and I haven't missed a run yet, so I feel like I can't let myself down!), plus all of yesterday's laundry is sitting on the couch waiting to be folded.  All the bathrooms need to be cleaned, the kitchen floor is still applesauce-sticky, and the carpets are all covered with stuffing after Juliet ripped apart an enormous stuffed soccer ball.  I need to go get more seeds and replant the garden with fall lettuces and things like that.  And make about ten batches of pesto.  And figure out something to do with all the okra (ideas, anyone?  Because I seriously did not know the okra plant was going to go crazy like this.)  And the furnace guy is coming today. 

Anyway, I've been planning a blog about applesauce-making, so hopefully that will appear sometime in the next couple of days. 

I don't even know why I'm bothering to write this post, because it's not that interesting, but this is just what is on my mind--LIFE IS CRAZY and I'm trying to catch up! Do things feel the same in your neck of the woods?


Meghan said...

I agree with you about the okra--who knew they would produce like zucchini plants? And honestly, okra are far less versatile.
Good luck with everything. Are you at the point yet where you just wish winter would come and kill the garden?

Dani said...

Pickled okra is delicious!

I'm with you on the craziness. We had a pretty chill weekend, but things went into overdrive last night when all three of my kids were up all night with different ailments. Lovely. My house went from somewhat clean to trashed from the hours of 1am to 6am. I too missed my run this morning, but am going to try to pick up the pieces this afternoon. Why are the months of August and September so crazy?

Anonymous said...

At allrecipes.com you can find some interesting ways to prepare okra. There was one listed for grilled okra. Okra is very nutritional. We had lots of okra this year. I chopped it up and froze it for gumbo this winter.

Have a great week.



Mary Beth said...

Bhindi masala!

My weekend was comparatively much less productive than yours, but I still felt like I was running to catch up with everything most of the time (even though I deliberately chose not to take my casebooks home). However, I've accomplished one of the most important items on my to-do list for today (applying to the DOJ Honors Program), so even though I've still got another 6 or 7 hours until my day is officially over and I can go home, I feel like it's been a worthwhile day.

Kristyn said...

So. I know you said you were wondering why posted this, but I'll tell you - these are my favorite kind of posts from people. We had a very busy weekend, (not that I canned a gazillion pounds of bell peppers or anything like that, but still) thus it's nice to commiserate. Also, these are my favorite posts/journal entries when I look back at things in my life. I tell my husband after crazy days like this, that these are the days of our lives! It's nice to have cute posts about our kids, but I love the day-to-day, truthful, here it is REALLY, kind of posts.

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