Friday, September 03, 2010

smells like Resolve

After I finished helping Abigail with her homework, I walked into the library to discover Juliet, Isaac, and my self-inking address stamp in the middle of a thoroughly inked carpet.  They waved their blackened hands at me in glee.

As I scrubbed vigorously at their ink-stained legs, the ink on the carpet, the ink all over the bathroom, and surveyed the Goldfish crumbs they'd ground into the ink mess, I had one thought...

I am SO GLAD I have a nine-mile run scheduled tonight.  Because I need to metabolize some stress hormones like nobody's business.

It's been a week of tantrums and power struggles and tears and time-outs (for adults as well as kids.  Well, at least for the tantrums and tears, although I wish I'd give myself some time-outs). 

Welcome, weekend.  We're so glad to have you!  We have big plans to eat breakfast at the farmer's market and light a fire in the backyard and maybe visit the zoo and can some applesauce.  We just really need you now, weekend.  Thank you for coming so promptly (even if Neil doesn't get Labor Day off like the rest of the civilized world...)


Meghan said...

Here's hoping the weekend is better than the week. And that you ran enough to get all that cortisol metabolized.

Danielle said...

Sorry this is such a random comment (I find myself just not having time to comment lately!) but I just found this stuff called Amodex. It gets out ink like you would not believe! It even gets out permanent marker. If you weren't able to get your ink out I'd give it a try. I found it at Office Max of all places.

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