Wednesday, September 15, 2010

a lot of Isaac and some other notes too

All my kids have had different little hidey-holes that they used a lot from about 12 months to 24 months.  Abigail liked to sit in the corner behind her high chair and sing to herself.  Juliet's was in the laundry room, perched on a pile of shoes covered with every clean dishcloth from the kitchen drawer (boy was I glad when she grew out of that one!).  Isaac has developed a real love for the corner behind the left-hand papasan chair in the living room; he likes to hide there with his blankie, a snack, and his Camelbak (more about that one later).  Did you know he's fourteen months old now, as of yesterday?

Also--he is officially walking (and has been for some time).  Make that running. Jooj started walking around ten months (but didn't fully commit until a year), Abigail was fifteen months old before she was doing much, and then she went from tentative steps to full-out sprints.  Isaac has been probably the most complacent yet; I think those well-padded cloth diaper bottoms are much more comfy to fall on. 

So back to the Camelbak.  The other day Abigail tossed her backpack down and said, "Well Mom, I've got to go train." 

"Oh," I said, quite amused.  "What are you training for?"

"My half-marathon," she replied coolly, and trotted off.

I think Isaac's Camelbak obsession is in the same vein.  I'm always carrying mine around, and ever since he was about ten months old, he cries until I finally let him take a sip.  We bought him his own this past weekend, and a more overjoyed little grin you cannot imagine.

Other miscellaneous things:  we replaced the boring builder-standard pendant light in our dining room.  I like to get something tangible to remember trips, and this was what we picked up over the weekend in Chicago.  I like looking around my house and seeing things with memories attached to them; a pendant light probably isn't what you think of when you think of memorabilia (where are the sea shells, Navajo rugs, and pottery bowls?), but it makes me happy.  Plus it's soft, which is good because Neil whacks his head on it about once every five minutes that he's in the kitchen.

Last but not least, a big shout-out to a couple of family members:

My grandparents celebrated their sixtieth wedding anniversary on Sunday.  We're celebrating with them this weekend--congrats, G'ma and Papa!!

My brother-in-law Chad is running the Top of Utah marathon on Saturday--I am sending wishes for a really awesome tailwind down the canyon his way!

And Neil and I are running a 10K on Saturday, which I am soooo looking forward to.  It seems like it will be all the fun of a race without a brutal distance.  Six point two miles sounds SO good right now (right, Chad?!) 


Chad said...

6.2? Piece of cake.

Neil, I feel your pain man.

Neil said...

I wanted to put the light higher. I still haven't ruled it out.

Mary Beth said...

Isaac is so stinkin' cute! And I remember him always using your Camelbak--I'm glad he's finally got his own. :)

Good luck with the race on Saturday!

Meghan said...

That light reminds me of the Chrysler building. Art Deco? We're excited to see you, but I may put you to work when you walk in. Good thing it's a short, energizing run the next morning.

Elise said...

i just saw a little boy that looked exactly like isaac....made me miss the chunkerton!

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