Tuesday, July 05, 2011

no junk July

So I have a problem with self-control around food.  I love to make it and I love to eat it, and I will happily down half a pan of brownies with no shame or guilt.  This has never really bothered me much in the past because I'm running enough to be happy with my body, brownies and all, but in the post-baby stage now I'm really feeling like it's time to accelerate the weight loss.

So I'm not eating desserts or "junk" in July (chips, which are my other major weakness.  Wavy Lay's, if you want to know).  And it is KILLING ME.  Seriously.  Not making a festive Fourth of July dessert?  That was awful.  Not baking something fun Saturday afternoon with the kids?  Also really hard.  Not stress-eating chocolate chips from the freezer when the kids were driving me insane?  Worst.  I've been eating a lot of raisins instead.

I suppose I should more carefully define my "not allowed" lines, because I've been resorting to a spoonful of Nutella every day to satiate my cravings (but it's better than half a pan of brownies, right?) I love Nutella--once in Luxembourg I ate a whole jar of Nutella and an entire baguette while sitting on the balcony listening to the cathedral bells (my family was walking around the city but I was sulking like your standard seventeen-year-old who has been dragged to Europe.  Oh, poor me).

What has surprised me most in the last five days is how incredibly hard this has been for me...which is exactly why I'm doing it. 

Goal for next week--lose the Nutella.  :-(


Rachel Mae said...

I can totally relate. You know what I've been doing lately? A single square of dark chocolate a day. I don't love it enough to eat a ton of it, but it satiates my treat craving.

Dani said...

I thought about you yesterday. I've been trying to cut down on the junk food (dessert mainly) over the past few weeks in preparation for some weight loss after I have this baby, but yesterday was a free day for me. Whenever I try to eliminate certain foods from my diet, I think I'm going to die, but after all is said and done with, I end up wondering why I thought those foods were so great in the first place.

aLi said...

I had an epiphany... when you said "which is exactly why I need to do this."
Thank you for that. It is hard for me as well.

Lindsey Ellis said...

After I wean myself from the junk, I'll allow dessert one weekend evening each week. One thing that helps me is upping my protein intake too. For some reason lots of protein makes sweets disgusting. Good luck.

Kristyn said...

These are one of my go-to treats for when I want something sweet, but w/o the sugar: http://www.greenereating.com/2010/05/raw-oatmeal-cookies.html

I love them and make them fairly often! (And sidenote: I add a few tablespoons of water to moisten them up.) I love these cookies! And whenever I go on my no-sugar kicks, I've noticed it's SUPER hard in the beginning, and then it's fine. Then when I do eat sugar again I notice I get slightly sick with even smaller amounts. I love that I am finally listening to my body and what it's telling me!

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