Tuesday, June 07, 2011

catching up

My parents and sister Rosalind came for a visit this past weekend.  It was so lovely to have them here and to enjoy their company--the children had been counting down the days!


As is always the case when our family gets together, we went crazy in the kitchen.  I love cooking for and with an appreciative audience!  :-)  For dinner the night they arrived we had roasted garlic soup with baguettes, rosemary rolls, fresh salad from the garden, and a cheese board (Brie, of course, plus a very aromatic blue cheese, and two delectable goudas (sheep & cow).  Then the next morning Neil baked a couple of coffee cakes and sliced cantaloupe for breakfast, we went out to our favorite Indian place for lunch, and for dinner we made pizzas and then I made strawberry pie (Neil got me the food processor I've been dreaming of for the last year for Mother's Day, and I finally can make praise-worthy pie crusts with its help) while Neil and Rosalind made mint ice cream.  And then for breakfast the next day I made muesli, and we set up a make-your-own panini bar for lunch--and then went for broke making latkes.  Mmm.  Food.  (for dinner that night after my parents left I think the kids had animal crackers, peas, and popsicles, and Neil and I planned what we're going to cook for his family in a couple weeks.)

Speaking of popsicles--it is HOT.  I ran 4.6 miles of hills outside this morning and felt like I was on the verge of heat exhaustion (seriously, I came home and just laid on the floor under the ceiling fan panting).  We're hitting 94 here and it is barely June!!  Aaaahhh!  My poor lettuces are going to desert me any day now.

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Elise said...

oh my goodness, that baby is the most adorable thing on this earth. and abigail is SO long!! any estimations on how tall she will be? wow. and i really wish i was eating that food. but i am getting some pretty good doctrinal education in right now!

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