Monday, June 20, 2011

father's day weekend

We've been lucky enough to have lots of family in town this weekend:  Neil's parents, his brother Caleb & wife Juli plus their five kiddos, and his sister Tara and her husband Dave with their daughter Lena.  My parents & Rosalind joined us on Sunday for Luke's blessing.  It was really neat to have both of our dads here for Father's Day!

It was a busy weekend--we packed it pretty full with a trip to the zoo & playground, playing in the campus fountains, and tons of backyard sprinkler & wading pool fun.  (And lots of yummy food.)  One thing I really enjoyed about this weekend was getting to know my nieces and nephews all over again--they change so fast but they are such neat kids!  I have lots of pictures, but I won't post them all here, just one more that I was really excited to get--all four of my children with both sets of grandparents (my parents are on the right and Neil's on the left).


Meghan said...

We had a great time! Thanks for hosting and feeding us. You guys or Caleb and family should choose to live in North Carolina near the beach--then think what fun times the cousins could have together.

Elise said...

dang, Mom!!! you look amazing!! my mommy is so beautiful! and that color looks great on you!! and i think your kids are the most beautiful little creatures i have ever seen, Rachael!!

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